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This tropic creature lives high in the trees and feed on insects. Because they make beautiful sounds, they are also called 'the singers of the forest'.

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Creature Design for a personal project.
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Another monkey-like creature that I leaves me bowled over. You are an amazing artist!

BeaCosm0's avatar

This one is my fave. ❤

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°_0; Too Nice!!
Error305's avatar
cute i luv it man
Fascinating. Is it edible?
Oh, nice artwork by the way! ;)
Aaliyah1728's avatar
why is it so cute????
FractalCaleidoscope's avatar
He looks scary but in the same time he has spmething very vulnarable and appealing/ Cute even ;)
I am not sure if I said this before, but some of your artwork is truly among the very best SF art I have ever seen here on Deviant or anywhere. This one is picture perfect, like the alien apes painting. Keep up the good work!
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awesome talent
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I feel like they'd kill me still.
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SO COOL ! ! Love the creature ! cool color ! love the blur on the background ! really highlights the creature !
KaiiKaze's avatar
Weirdly cute! Your designs are amazing.
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How can something like this, make me go Ewww! Get it a way and Awww Addorable, give me 2 please! At the same time? ^^
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I thought it was a "Spider Monkey", but it's CUTE!! :D
KushQueenLunaRay's avatar
Terrifying and completely adorable. Wonderful!
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extra limbs always look a little awkward for me...glad to see some exceptions
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talent is nothing without hard work.
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