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All my love to give
I hope i did it right
I wouldn't want to live life
It makes me feel worried of how
I feel so wrong
I wouldn't mind if I die
Just because you couldn't be mine
My heart just just keeps on breaking
Please don't hurt me
You just don't understand
Being next to you feels so right
You don't know how lovely you are
I might not be the best
I know I'm a mess
But I'm just taking a guess
Deep in my heart I know you aren't like rest
It makes me feel depressed
All that I really wanted is to give you my
:iconjesseythecreative:Jesseythecreative 2 0
Only You Could Do This...
Tonight, I saw your picture again.
I haven't seen it in a while.
Then I saw the pictures of us.
And I couldn't be strong anymore.
I broke down and cried.
Looking back at these pictures makes me miss you.
Even though, we haven't spoken in years.
I actually wonder if you still remember me.
I cheated on you, you probably did the same to me.
You broke my heart, dated a friend and cheated on my friend with me.
Why? You never could answer that question.
Why did I go along with you behind my former friend?
Because I still loved you....I loved you like no other.
Years later, I've moved on and gotten married.
But I still cry when I see your face.
You'll always be my weakness.
Why? Because I still love you...I love you like no other.
I wanna talk to you again because I miss you.
Because I crave you in my life.
But I'm afraid I'll do something I regret.
Because I still love you....I love you like no other.
I never told you something.
I loved you just like my first love.
It was pretty much my firs
:iconbrokenheartedemogirl:brokenheartedemogirl 1 0
Ghosts of Our Good Times.
It's almost as though you're still with me,
your hand ever present in mine.
I still feel you hug me so softly.
Your actions still run through my mind.
Your voice echoes endlessly in my head.
The last words we spoke still repeat.
You take the tears I constantly shed,
you may be gone, but I know you're still sweet.
I always notice you guiding me on.
I dream of you, lost in the night.
You still love to tell me I'm wrong,
but congratulate me when I am right.
I can honestly say I still feel you smile,
though I know you're not here.
I even feel kisses once in awhile.
You wipe away all of my fear.
I can't help but wish you were still mine,
but you're already long gone.
Living with the ghosts of our good times,
just me, still singing our old song.
:iconrime-n-rezon:rime-n-rezon 12 17
In my heart’s desire
You are there.
While my dreams wake up
Time stops for you and me
In my mind’s insomnia
Your cherished eyes are close enough to kiss.
But in my arms there is nothing.
I’m waiting for you to come to me.
In my beating heart... there is you.
Everything is     you. </em>
:iconenchanting-ce-memory:enchanting-ce-memory 39 40
My Pain
My Pain
I watch as you fall down
You call his name
It is him you want
And not me
Allowing me to feel pain
You don't know it
But you hold my heart
How could I have known?
The pain you felt
When I threw that Rose
Am I not good enough?
It was then I chose
To ask you my thought
Am I not good enough?
My question brought
Your attention and so
I ask you once more
Am I not good enough?
:iconfireflyhikari:Fireflyhikari 40 36
Link to Midna
I see a tear roll down your cheek
As you vanish from my sight
Why is my heart in so much pain
It’s a feeling I cannot fight
This sadness that feels so sharp to me
I feel it has pierced me through
It is the fact I cannot stand
The thought of losing you
Why do I just stand like this
With words I struggle to say
I want to run and grab your hand
Why do I feel this way
You never seemed to have faith in me
Just your quest I had to complete
You’d put me down and push me on
And my feelings I’d never speak
But somewhere throughout our travels
I saw a change within you
And deep down inside I still feel
That you know its true
You told me your real intentions
That at first you didn’t care for me
But after all we had been through
I didn’t care, don’t you see
I saw the kindness in your heart
You tried so desperately to hide
You had experienced so much hurt
And still you never cried
I remember the careless words you said
When we both first met
I wanted to say that meetin
:iconmeeshell-art:Meeshell-Art 268 133
It Hurts.
"I was scared you would say 'no'.
That's why I never asked you.
But it hurt more to have never asked you."
:iconyami-tsuki-chan:Yami-Tsuki-chan 134 51
What to do for your girlfriend
When she walks away from you mad ,Follow her
When she stare's at your lips ,Kiss her
When she pushes you or hit's you ,Grab her and don’t let go
When she start's cursing at you ,Kiss her and tell her you love her
When she's quiet ,Ask her what’s wrong
When she ignore's you ,Give her your attention
When she pulls away ,Pull her back
When you see her at her worst ,Tell her she's beautiful
When you see her start crying ,Just hold her and don’t say a word
When you see her walking ,Sneak up and hug her waist from behind
When she's scared ,Protect her
When she lay's her head on your shoulder ,Tilt her head up and kiss her
When she steal's your favorite hat ,Let her keep it and sleep with it for a night
When she tease's you ,Tease her back and make her laugh
When she doesn’t answer for a long time ,reassure her that everything is okay
When she looks at you with doubt ,Back yourself up with the TRUTH
When she say's that she li
:iconliltwinkie613:liLtWinkie613 44 24
It's Depressing
It's depressing
when you know
the person you desire
doesn't desire you
When you would give up
your heart,
your soul,
and everything you owned
Just to be with them
Even if it was only a day
When someone means the world to you
and you mean  nothing to them
It's depressing
:iconfire-within-me:fire-within-me 78 18
I hate you.
I hate everything</i> you do.
about you.
I hate the way your lips look in the sunlight.
I hate the way your laugh sounds.
I hate the way you look when you've
just gotten out of the shower.
I hate the way you look at me,
with all that secluded emotion.
I hate you!
I just hate the way you can make me do
all these ridiculous things, and
Say all these sappy words.
I hate them. Hate them!
I hate the way my heart</i> goes
psychotic whenever I see you, or
get a whiff of your hair... Your skin...
I hate the way I want to kiss you,
Every second.
Of the day.
I hate the way I feel like there's a
fire inside me when I catch them looking at you, or
you looking at them, and
I just hate how I'd let you walk all over me...
Just to make sure that you like me, if only but a friend...
I hate the way you make me feel!
Because it fe
:iconroxyoblivion:RoxyOblivion 161 71
What if...
What if...
I like you
What if...
I talk to you
What if...
I told you
What if...
I hug you
What if...
I kiss you
What if...
I love you
What if...
you hurt me
:iconbeccaf:beccaf 505 129
Love Is...
Love is…
The stroke of a soft cheek.
A blush.
The sound of another’s heart beat.
A gasp.
The feeling of their hair in your hands.
A smile.
The brush of fingers against their back.
A shiver.
The telling of secrets and stories.
A laugh.
The apology of a hidden lie.
A cry.
The pair of lips pressed against a scar.
A tear.
The sight of watching them sleep.
A sigh.
The softness of their voice.
A song.
The warmth of being held close
A dance.
The sharing of an ice cream cone.
A taste.
The quilt around two cold bodies.
A touch.
The caring of their aching cough.
A fever.
The confession of one’s feelings.
A hug.
The shakiness as they kneel.
A blink.
The box with the ring inside.
A kiss.
:iconhana-bakemono:Hana-Bakemono 128 100
I Miss You.
I still miss your smile,
The light color of your eyes when you glazed at the sky.
Your warm hugs when I felt cold.
Your amazing kisses when I was mad.
I've really got to say your all I ever had.
I miss you every second
but you've only made me sad
we always seem to have gotten through everything,
but this time we fell apart.
You held me in your arms like no one has before
I felt love and cared
We had something so great
everything we ever shared
Love is two people never letting go
two people caring for each other no matter what
each day that goes on
love grows only bigger
realizing only one can be everything.
Sometimes I think I'll never find love again
because it was something so unexplained
I want us to be "meant to be"
I won't stop loving you
I won't stop loving you
my love for you won't ever die
I'm sorry I've let go
no longer by your side
:iconsmiliess:Smiliess 452 51
Broken wings,
Make it impossible to fly.
Broken dreams,
Make it impossible to die.
Broken promises,
Make it impossible to trust.
A broken heart,
Makes it impossible to love.
:iconchetzb:ChetzB 239 62
'I Want You'
I want to discover love with you,
I want to learn playing the piano with you,
I want to take silly photos with you,
I want to cry on your shoulder when watching a sad love story with you,
I want to have midnight feasts with you,
I want to cuddle up and sleep in bed with you,
I want to wake up and exchange morning smiles with you,
I want to stay up late and whisper secrets with you,
I want to hear and share bedtime stories with you,
I want to travel and explore the world with you,
I want to roll around in the sand with you,
I want to climb a mountain with you,
I want to play on a swing with you,
I want to go down a slide with you,
I want to swim at the beach with you,
I want to go paragliding with you,
I want to go bungie-jumping with you,
I want to be in two places at once with you,
I want to eat spaghetti like the Lady and the Tramp with you,
I want to make lame jokes with you,
I want to hold hands with you,
I want to go skinny-dipping with you,
I want to eat my wedding cake with you,
:iconmalunamai:malunamai 37 22
I am here again
I am not done with you yet
I am not over it yet
I don't know if I will ever be
Through all the tears you have put in my eyes
I can still see your smile shinning bright 
But maybe it was not so bad at all
Maybe we were perfect for each other and still are
How long have you been there, my darling, up in the mountains all alone and cold?
And how long have I been here drowning in this sea?
I dont remember. But I don't care anymore
I love you
I am here again, back to you, willing to forget all the pain and replay all the happiness You gave me
Even though I never touched you.. I never looked into your eyes
Never smelled the rain on your skin
You are never left my side
You made me adore and hate love. You made me feel again. You made me what I am today
I love you
Do you feel it like you used to?
Do you still miss me the way I do?
Are you still willing to make that long long trip to come to me?
I won't give up on us even thought you did,  back then, a sunny noon of May.
:iconbasstett:Basstett 2 0


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el cuervo / the crow
ahora traigo un logo que hice como una de mis tareas para la universidad
se trata de un logo para una hipotetica editorial.... un cuervo (con un papel, pluma, y pincel) haciendo referencia al relato de Poe

pd: disculpen los manchones de tinta que quedaron, se me barrio la tinta china XD

English with google translator

now bring a logo I made one of my assignments for the university
is a logo for a hypothetical Editorial .... a crow (with a paper, pen, and brush) with reference to the story of Poe

ps: sorry for the ink smudges left, my neighborhood Chinese ink XD

También pueden seguirme en facebook:…
My ears are itching everytime I heard her name

Not only my ears,
My mind would've gone crazy when it comes to it

I don't know why,

It's such a bizzare state where I will constantly can't stop thinking about her
She can set my current mood from nothing to something that has no end of

But sometimes theres a thing in her that makes me worried
Something that can drag me out of my current good mood
Into a huge huge fear of losing something really precious


I need a big courage to fight that fear
Cause no one is going to have my dear

She is my mood

She is my crazy mind

She is what I've always thinking about

She is mine

~ Kenata
Life is a game
But life and game are not the same
It's like having an endless branch of chance
Waiting for us to make a dozen of plans

I know,
I will regret some of my turn
Some of my hope being burnt
That wound leaving scars and cracks
With a tiny little hope for us to turn it back

I've already made a bunch of choices
Sometimes unconsciously but mostly conscius
Sometimes good but mostly bad
Well, that's the fact

But, i think there will be no more someday

There will be no more sometime

It's about now

It's about all the things that I've been through

It's about me

And I will,

Fix it myself

- Kenata


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