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Well because I have found myself with some free time. I decided to start colouring my lil animation...I decided to use Cova, cuz well he was what I was drawing and its got him written all over it. :giggle: I just don't think I'll do his wings...he lost them...:giggle:
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That's wonderful !!! and animation ! waou!
that's do very well! congrat ^^
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wow, u sure are hard workin' :lmao:
kaseylsnow's avatar that's just cool. XD
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COVA!!! ×tacklepounce× I luff Cova and I shall neomail you sometime because Kuri and Cova need to RP =D
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Damn! Thats awesome x) Wow...I hope I can learn to do animations that good someday >.>
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How do you DO THAT!? xDD That is one of the smoothest animations I've seen hand drawn! I've tried to do it on paper...but I don't get how to do it. Did you use a lot of paper for this...or the same paper...hooow? @.@
Oh...I also heard that disney's not doing paper animations at all. o-o...I dunno what that means. They are drawing it on computers with tablets now or something? *blinks and glares around the room* I ALSO heard that Disney's going bankrupt. xD...
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Well...Disney is a very thouchy subject with me, BUT lets just say that pretty well everything you've heard is true. And its because they're not using traditional animation anymore that they're going under.
Anyways....The animation has only nine frames (so far) so it took nine pieces of paper. Like I said in one of my posts up there *points up* I have a mentor (with many many years of experience in animation) and I bought a really good book to help me. "Cartoon Animation" by Preston Blair.
I whole process took a lot of brain power and knowledge of animal anatomy. To help me when I got stuck, I watched my dogs jump up onto our couch, and I did a bunch of quick sketches. And I did a bunch of in-betweens rather than just keys. Yes yes animation terms....its the in-betweens that make the animations smooth. :D
I hope this helps you out evee!! :D
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Thatnks kenai! ^^ That did help *hugs*
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Awesome animation. I love how fluidly he moves and the way his ears squish down. He reminds me of Simba pouncing the grasshopper at the beginning of the original Lion King.
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That is so totally awsome!! Maybe you could have him pouncing on a bug or butterfly..! :aww:
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lindsay, you continue to amaze me.:jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop:
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