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Skyrim Daedric Armour

Model: Strike

Photographer: dust-da
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I want that helmet.
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This is EPIC. Wow :wow:
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normally i hate cosplay costumes, but i love this one
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skyrim fan ey? here something
type in console tgm and you get godmode, infinite health, magica, and stanima, to turn of type tgm agian. i love this godmode so much becouse combined whit the whirvlewind sprint and tcl (no clip) you can follow jezus while sprinting in air, as much times you like!!!
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dude absolutely love this!! the glow is what i love most about this. GREAT WORK!!!!
Durnstaros's avatar
Very very nice, helmet and lighting in particular!
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This is so badass!! =D
I have those same gauntlets too. lol
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They made the gauntlets themselves.
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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaawesome! i'm speechless
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Very impressive!
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I'm drooling over here, that armor is just so incredible. And you captured it beautifully, love the lighting & pose.
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damn, that armor is sic!!! nice photo man.
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Beautiful lighting on this shot Ken!
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Thanks, Etaru!
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OH MY GOD this is so awesome.
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epic and awesome
Cheshirefox's avatar
It's beautiful. So very beautiful.
Godline's avatar
That looks fucking awesome!
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