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Night to end - Skyrim Daedric and Aela

Models: Strike

Cosplay: Skyrim Daedric armor and Aela the Huntress
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can I borrow the cosplay, it's so cool and beautiful

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It would be awesome if that was real metal armor :).
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Amazing Cosplay! Congratulations to both!
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The cosplaying is spectacular, I'm blown away by how epic the armor looks!

The glowing chest is a nice touch!
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I may be wrong, but are there LEDs in the daedric armour? Or is it acrylic that catches the light really well? Sorry just nosy
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Aw!!! That's the best ever!
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Who is that? The deadric  guy?
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That's usually how I role in Skyrim, But with the Mace of Molag Bal instead. :D
Love this!
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Is it just me, or does the Daedric Armor looks a lot like Sauron's gear?
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WOW! just...WOOOW!
Like others, this is a familiar sight for me!
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You know, i literaly just got of skyrim and i just got Aela to fallow. And i ware the Deadric armor. so its like you guys are replaying everthing i just did
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Same thing with me!
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:iconsweetjesusfaceplz: IT'S LIKE AN ELDER SCROLLS MOVIE.
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THIS is fantastic. :heart:
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