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Grandfather by KemuriKuma Grandfather :iconkemurikuma:KemuriKuma 3 2 SBC Gijinka colored by KemuriKuma SBC Gijinka colored :iconkemurikuma:KemuriKuma 4 13 Strawberry Clock Gijinka by KemuriKuma Strawberry Clock Gijinka :iconkemurikuma:KemuriKuma 5 2 Sonic Gijinka colored by KemuriKuma Sonic Gijinka colored :iconkemurikuma:KemuriKuma 6 2 Sonic Gijinka by KemuriKuma Sonic Gijinka :iconkemurikuma:KemuriKuma 4 0 Messenger of Suicide by KemuriKuma Messenger of Suicide :iconkemurikuma:KemuriKuma 6 3 KemuriKumaID5 by KemuriKuma KemuriKumaID5 :iconkemurikuma:KemuriKuma 3 3
Epic Odyssey Chapter 6
Epic Odyssey
Chapter 6: Liquid Gear, Riding on Water, Fight and Flight
It was the next morning. Yin Zee and Yin Shin were outside the temple standing next to a large cauldron and a table covered with colorful vials.
"Alright," said Yin Shin, "Show me six elemental balls."
Yin Zee released her magcells, tinkered with their chemistry, and turned them into six elemental balls.
Yin Shin nodded his head.
"Good," Yin Shin approved, "Today you will be mixing liquids."
Yin Shin tossed a book at Yin Zee. Yin Zee caught the book. The book was a liquid brewing manual. Yin Zee opened the manual to a bookmarked page. On the page is a picture of diluted hoverboard. Yin Zee's eyes sparkled at the sight of the hoverboard.
Enthusiastic, Yin Zee asked, "Is this a hoverboard?"
"You can call it a hoverboard I guess," replied Yin Shin, " Casters commonly use airborne vehicles to travel long distances under short time. These vehicles include flying creatures, animated objects, or mixtures. What you were loo
:iconkemurikuma:KemuriKuma 2 4
Epic Odyssey Chapter 5
Epic Odyssey
Chapter 5: Magcells, the Shifter, Spell Scrolls
Dawn arrived. Yin Zee and Yin Shin were outside the temple sitting on the dry grass.
"Do you know about magcells?" asked Yin Shin.
"No," replied Yin Zee.
"In every caster lies a magcell system," Yin Shin continued, "The magcell system consists of the magcell organs, magcell veins, and the magcells. Once connected to the somatic nervous system, magcells become very flexible cells that can diffuse in and out of the body with the command of neurons."
"Woah woah woah!" exclaimed Yin Zee, "I have to know all this biology to become caster?"
"It's not biology," answered Yin Shin, "It's magcell science and you have to know more than what I just said to become a caster. Now, try to feel the flow of your magcell system. It is very similar to the flow of the cardiac system, so try not to confuse them."
Yin Zee closed her eyes, visualized a dissected image of herself, and tried to feel the magcells flowing in her. She saw trains of gas p
:iconkemurikuma:KemuriKuma 0 3
Sketch Book 3 by KemuriKuma Sketch Book 3 :iconkemurikuma:KemuriKuma 0 0 Sketch Book 2 by KemuriKuma Sketch Book 2 :iconkemurikuma:KemuriKuma 0 0 Sketch Book 1 by KemuriKuma Sketch Book 1 :iconkemurikuma:KemuriKuma 0 2
Epic Odyssey Chapter 4
Epic Odyssey
Chapter 4: Yin Zee, Jeibin, Rising Evil
Sky Rock quickly kneeled down before Yin Shin. "Please teach me immortality!" Sky Rock pleaded.
"Stand up," Yin Shin demanded, "You need to eat and get rest first."
Yin Shin welcomed Sky Rock to his temple, offered her a room to stay, and prepared dinner for her.
"What's your name?" Yin Shin asked.
"I don't have a formal name." Sky Rock answered, "I was born from a meteorite and didn't have parents to name me. The people in my mountain call me Sky Rock."
"I see," said Yin Shin, "From now on, your name is Yin Zee (陰思)."
"Why?" Yin Zee questioned.
"You need a formal name," Yin Shin replied, "Plus, you have become my pupil the very moment you found me. Speaking of which--"
Without a warning, Yin Shin snapped his fingers and Yin Zee was bound to a wall by what appeared to be invisible ropes.
"What are you going to do to me?!" Yin Zee panicked.
"This is going to hurt a little, but bear with it." Yin Shin replied.
Using a fin
:iconkemurikuma:KemuriKuma 0 12
Epic Odyssey Chapter 3
Epic Odyssey
Chapter 3: Fear of Death, Finding a Caster, Yin Shin
The psychopath was so close to the finish line, Sky Rock needed a miracle to win. Sometimes miracles happen when you need them. So a miracle happened... A strong wind blew at Sky Rock and greatly accelerated her. Sky Rock moved so fast, she cut the finish line before the psychopath could. She became the new ruler of the mountain.
Sky Rock knew absolutely nothing about governing, and she had no plans whatsoever for the mountain at all. She won the race out of a mere impulse to overthrow the tyrant. But it didn't matter. She didn't abuse her people like the tyrant did. Sky Rock enjoyed her new authority and the residents were happy.
One day, the mountain residents were giving a deceased elder a funeral. The people at the funeral were mourning, and Sky Rock was confused. She did not know that there is an end to life: death.
"Why did you guys bury the elder?" Sky Rock asked, "Why are you all crying."
"The elder died, Lady Sk
:iconkemurikuma:KemuriKuma 0 8
Epic Odyssey Chapter 2
Epic Odyssey
Chapter 2: The Tyrant, the Hoverboard Rider, the Hoverboard Competition
The mountain residents called the girl Sky Rock and welcomed her to their community. They gave her food, shelter, and education.
By the way, the mountain had a tradition: the best hoverboard rider becomes the ruler. The ruler of the mountain was an abusive psychopath who enjoys throwing rocks at his people.
One day, the ruler called his people to line up and threw small stones at them. The stones bruised the people, but the people did not resist. Sky Rock witnessed the scene and felt humiliated. She asked a resident, "How did he become ruler? He's a freaking psycho!"
"It doesn't matter if he's psycho or not. He's the best hoverboard rider in our mountain. The best hoverboard rider becomes our ruler," the resident replied.
"That's a strange tradition..."
An idea sparked in Sky Rock's head. Perhaps she could challenge the ruler to a hoverboard competition, beat that psychopath, and take the throne. She w
:iconkemurikuma:KemuriKuma 0 0
Epic Odyssey Chapter 1
Epic Odyssey
Chapter 1: The Meteorite, the Solar Eclipse, the New Life  
Outside the Earth, in the lightless, infinitely vast void, soared a cold rigid meteorite, passing by the stars, crashing through the asteroids, finally plummeting through the clouds, cracking a crater on the vulnerable land. The meteorite landed on a mountain close to its summit. The residents of the mountain gathered around the object that fell from the heavens and chattered.
An elder among the residents exclaimed, "This giant rock shall one day become our leader." The residents laughed at the elder's remark, taking it as a jest.
No soul moved the meteorite. It stood still on its landing spot for years. The mountain folks titled it the "Sky Rock", and treated it as if it was a member of the community.
Was Sky Rock simply an inanimate gift from outer space? There had been reports of extraterrestrial stones shaping into humanoid figures after being exposed to full moons or solar eclipses. The space object
:iconkemurikuma:KemuriKuma 2 11



PinkieShy Journal Skin

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 19, 2012, 3:12 PM

Warning: the following is about MLPFiM pairings.

PinkieShy isn't exactly my favorite pairing, but it works.
I personally prefer to see Twilight with Pinkie and Rarity with Fluttershy.
Pinkie was the first pony Twilight met in Ponyvile and was quick to give her a welcome party. Twilight has stalked Pinkie in Feeling Pinkie Keen and Pinkie has stalked Twilight in Green isn't Your Color.
Rarity and Fluttershy go to the spa together and know about fashion.
PinkieDash works. Pinkie has chased Rainbowdash in Griffon the Brush off and Party of One. Pinkie followed Rainbowdash when she got out the train in Over a Barrel.
But I think I like AppleDash more. Rainbowdash almost kissed Applejack in Running of the Leaves and it is implied they kissed in The Mysterious Mare Do Well.

Spike and Applebloom haven't interacted much in the series but I think they go well together.

I also like Lyra with Bonbon, and Vinyl with Octavia.

  • Watching: MLPFiM
  • Playing: Alice Madness Returns

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Greetings! I'm Kemuri Kuma and I'm very nice.

Point out my mistakes, but do it maturely. Hopefully, we can all get along.

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Favourite cartoon character: Pinkamena Diane Pie


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