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"When do we start?" - Loki
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Himalayan Black lored Tit - Paper cut birds


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Jotun Loki

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Tom Hiddleston

Very Handsome Men Pics and Drawings

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Pop Culture Dogs


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Crankrats Chapter 10

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Kenshin  Kaoru

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Tutorial 13 Like a fish out of water ?


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Ursula Tentacles


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2nd Task


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Daily Paint 1870# Kittle

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Love Bite

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256- Circling Wolves

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Little Sybbie and Doggie Thomas with Cat Jimmy

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McMorbid Flash Sheet

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Summoned Golem

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Helsinki Oldtown

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Little Shandal dragons

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What Cats Really Think

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Primrose Pixie

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When Flowers Dream II

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McMorbid - Queen of Procrastinators

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Dark griffin

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The golden mermaid

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Why Do You Hate Me?

As I lay here on this cold winter's night I begin to wonder what I have done wrong That you could become so angered enough To bash my head with glass And kick me till my body Was covered with bruises and blood The blood that would never stop running All I have to ask is why? Why did you want to harm me so bad? I had loved you with all of my heart Because you were my master And all I ever wanted to do was please you My heart is full of pain When I think of my beloved sister We were sleeping so soundly together When you grabbed her by the neck And dragged her out the door Her helpless cries pierced my ears The ones that were


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Assassin's Creed Syndicate hidden blade


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