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Pointy Ears 5
Fanart Marichat by NguyenRee
Pocket Full Of Posies by Slave2Karma
sunset by ultruno
CLOSED by IWHBYDAdoptables
Side Pointy Ears
CM|11|Bust Sketch by MelonPanki
sfefrgsfscs by LilPurrito
Debut Aamon by koala-bears
Orion by Wanbey
Floppy Ears
ACEO Zeid by nickyflamingo
Korsakowii by Afr11
[T] rinnyrinron by Himetochan
04092020 by rosexdainty
Long Ears
Sasucchi by HeBetarian
Dailmar by 5montri
Lavender by kerravi
- Set price adopt [CLOSED] - by KiyokoKitsu
Round Ears
I Love Shiku 2020 by AderiArts
Shiku by SaruMars
pride [comm] by sarurun
Mixed Ear Shapes
Hangout by Girutea
ACEO Valentines Ahri and Karma by nickyflamingo
Melon Bun by Polka-Pot
The Foxhunter: Nani?! by nospectral
Hats and Hoodies
Untitled by lyralairuier
:RetroComm: Bubblegum by MeguBunnii
ambs by baichha
Heather by Kona373
Other Ear Types
fish girl by CutieHaunt
DTIYS challenge for @Introvertlily by MbTheGray
[COM] CI-IROME by Juukah
CE: Cheri-Bomb - Movie Entry by VexingYA
Comics and Sequential Art
DAI - 050 by arosyks
first batch of INKTOBER 2020 by TemeroHimitaki
Innocent by Wanbey
DAI - 049 by arosyks
Animation, GIFs, and Models
to the beat [comm] by sarurun
Photography and props
Closed: Adoptable Auction ( #12 - 14 ) by raze916
Written works

Mature Content

SFT1 Day in the life of Charlotte Zorra by GoodKittyNyanchan
Ref Sheets and Adoptable Batches
Adoptable [Closed] by Boeing280844
Pin-up, NSFW

Mature Content

RLA Miniset 77 Preview 2 by redleatherart
Memes and Stamps
2016 vs 2021 by rosexdainty
Pointy Ears - Full
Art Trade by sasucchi95
Pointy Ears 2 - Full
snow by asml30
Pointy Ears 3 - Full
Yukineko by dishwasher1910
Pointy Ears 4 - Full
[+Video] Gift - Tsundere Gift by Hyanna-Natsu

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Claude, halfcolor by AerisVampire Claude, halfcolor :iconaerisvampire:AerisVampire 1 5 miao by hyatt-ayanami miao :iconhyatt-ayanami:hyatt-ayanami 558 82 Loveless Ritsuka by hyatt-ayanami Loveless Ritsuka :iconhyatt-ayanami:hyatt-ayanami 586 72 Chii -colored- by Barlee Chii -colored- :iconbarlee:Barlee 3,069 326 fran ff12 by Pixel-chick fran ff12 :iconpixel-chick:Pixel-chick 183 40 Year of the Dog 2006 by toi-chan Year of the Dog 2006 :icontoi-chan:toi-chan 934 122 Haru with Roses by tickledpinky Haru with Roses :icontickledpinky:tickledpinky 1,331 433 lamento-unknow by DNAyuki lamento-unknow :icondnayuki:DNAyuki 44 28 Foxy foxgirl by tickledpinky Foxy foxgirl :icontickledpinky:tickledpinky 1,942 815 Bite Me by ms-bea Bite Me :iconms-bea:ms-bea 6 11 Kitsune Girl - Kaili by firekitty Kitsune Girl - Kaili :iconfirekitty:firekitty 1,177 180 Orange Fox Girl by RyusukeHamamoto Orange Fox Girl :iconryusukehamamoto:RyusukeHamamoto 420 39 kitty girl colored by Soreiya kitty girl colored :iconsoreiya:Soreiya 668 92 Feminie Feline by oiilily Feminie Feline :iconoiilily:oiilily 14 17 Kitty-boy With Fish by oiilily Kitty-boy With Fish :iconoiilily:oiilily 6 6 Cat Ears by cika Cat Ears :iconcika:cika 734 81
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:star: Welcome to the Kemonomimi-club! :star:

We are dedicated to Kemonomimi or "animal-eared" characters, and are the oldest and biggest kemonomimi group on DeviantART. We feature all types of artwork, with a focus on unique and original characters.

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Apr 16, 2007


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:new:Recent news?
We need contributors!! Message arosyks for details.

:bulletyellow:Want to join?
All requests are automatically approved. Welcome to the Group!

:bulletgreen:Want to submit art?
Please read the rules before submitting art for the first time -->…

:bulletblue:Want to be a contributor?
Message arosyks with your request. You must be knowledgable of our rules.

:bulletpurple:Want to affiliate?
We accept some affiliation requests from established groups (100+ members).

:bulletred:Want to advertise?
Sorry, but we do not allow advertising of any kind at this time. All comments containing advertising will be hidden/flagged.


We have over 10,000 members! Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] by Jerikuto Hurray!

I'm very excited that this group has grown so much over the years. But of course that means lots of submissions coming in and so I'm looking for more contributors, too!

We need people to accept/decline submissions as well as sort images into the correct folders.

Applicants must be knowledgeable of the group's rules:…

Let me know if you're interested by commenting here or sending me a note.


Rules and Guidelines:

:bulletgreen: What we allow:

:pointr: Kemonomimi (humans with animal ears).

:pointr: Humans with robotic or fake ears and tails (Note: Eared hats with faces on them don't count).

:pointr: Paws or hooves on the back feet are allowed, but everything above the kneecap must be human.

:pointr: Slightly unnatural skin tones are okay (most warm colors and gray tones are accepted).

:pointr: Fanart, and original characters are both welcome. Gijinka/humanizations are allowed if they meet the kemonomimi criteria.

:pointr: Any type of art form (including photography, literary and CG).

:bulletred: What we do not allow

:pointr: No elf ears.

:pointr: No non-kemonomimi, anthropomorphic, furry, kemono*, modern anthro* or hybrid* characters
-Unless as a side-character or extra in the piece, but the kemonomimi character(s) must be prominent (see submission guidelines).

:pointr: No animal paws replacing the hands (paw shaped gloves are okay). Only animal back feet are acceptable.

:pointr: No animalistic features on the face (animal noses, snouts, etc.), minimal markings are okay.

:pointr: No fur or overtly unnatural skin color. Tattoo-like markings are acceptable.

:pointr: No hats with animal faces or animal masks. We must be able to tell the ears "belong" to the character.

:bulletblue: Submission Guidelines

:pointr: Submit regular illustrations to the proper folder sorted by ear type. For "special" art forms, please check for the corresponding folder.

:pointr: The animal ears must be clearly visible! We will not accept any kemonomimi characters with their ears cropped out of the picture.

:pointr: All submissions must be in their completed state. No WIPs, lineart, sketches, incomplete YCH auctions, etc.

:pointr: Submissions must show effort! No drawings on lined/graph/wrinkled paper. No photographs of a drawing or poorly scanned drawings.

:pointr: All work must be your own. No screenshots, avatars, etc. No art theft in general.

:pointr: No Tumblr "ask"s drawings, or text-heavy/watermark-heavy images (Deviant IDs, advertisements). Relevant Deviant stamps and memes are allowed.

:pointr: For group pictures that include non-kemonomimi, the kemonomimi character(s) must be in the foreground, and account for at least 1/3 of the group or more. This also counts for "adoptables" sheets and comic pages.

:pointr: No image dumps or batch adoptable sheets (the limit for adoptables is 8 per sheet).

:pointr: Try to keep photography artistic and tasteful (no selfies/social media type photos)

:pointr: Tasteful mature content is allowed (submit directly to the NSFW folder). No porn or sexualized depictions of underage characters.

:pointr: Please remove any works that you plan to place in storage. Also, remove any adoptable sheets that are no longer relevant to our group.

:pointr: Some promotional material is acceptable, but only if it meets the criteria above (focus on a kemonomimi character, minimal amount of text, etc.). We do not allow journal-based advertisements.

Questions and Answers:…

If you have any questions please ask in a comment below!

Please vote for which rule should be taken away:

Rule: No paws or hooves replacing the hands and feet.
What would change: Paws/hooves on otherwise human characters would be allowed. I'm also considering the option of at least allowing animal back feet (more common) but mainly debating the allowance of paws/hooves instead of hands (which gives characters more of a "furry" feeling to me).

Rule: No non-human skin color or fur.
What would change: I usually allow some unnatural skin colors such as grey or certain shades of pink/purple. However, disabling this rule would allow characters of any color (green, blue, etc) as long as their bodies are otherwise human. Also, SMALL amounts of fur would be accepted (patches in certain areas, such as the chest or sides of the face).

Rule: No animalistic facial features.
What would change: Human characters with whiskers and animal noses (not snouts), as long as their skin color and body shape were human.

Please discuss which rule you feel should be taken away and why. You can also mention which rule you think should stay and why. If you don't want to share any elaborate thoughts, please at least post the number of which rule(s) you want to see go or stay.

I will read everyone's responses and pick ONE rule to disable.

Thanks for your time, everyone!

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Karebear-4ever Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This might be a silly question, but would a penguin kemonomimi be allowed? They have the penguin tail but no ears, so I wasn't sure. (here's the pic if it helps you at all! Grape-kun x Hululu)
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arosyks Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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for some reason. the Side Pointy Ears isn't available for me to submit in folders? ;v;
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NikkiStuff Featured By Owner May 31, 2019  Student Traditional Artist
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antique-muty Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2019  Student Digital Artist
Thank you for accepting my art^^
sugarduckie Featured By Owner Edited Sep 15, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My submission was declined. Do I put it in pointy or floppy? I added it to mixed because both her ears are different >a< Overconfident by Owbun
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iichigokitten Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2018  Student General Artist
i would post a draw? :c
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Guygoo-desu Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for accepting my art :)
Noqimir Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
is this group still active?
I've had my submissions run out a few times or unaccepted for a long time.
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