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Gaddy the Guardian Angel

Gaddy the Guardian Angel by KemonoKween, visual art

Juniper Cypress the Nature Angel

Juniper the Nature Angel (+Vid) by KemonoKween, visual art

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Bestowing My Friendship by KemonoKween, visual art


Cemelli the Alien

Cemelli Ref Sheet (+Vid) by KemonoKween, visual art

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Strawberry Flash by KemonoKween, visual art

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Hello, lemme introduce myself. My name is Victoria Slater. I am known as FaeKween in the digital world. This little blog will be all about me and who I am, as well as, some dreams I want to achieve. I will go into detail with the subjects I am more passionate about. How to start this off… oh I got it!

My mother often said, “You’re a rose between two thorns.” She said this because I am the middle child in my family. If you are a middle child, then you might be familiar with not having huge expectations and not being babied. With that said, I have two brothers who excelled both academically and were active in sports. I was not interested in any of that. My mother said I was a rose, so I was going to sharpen my thorns my way. I wanted to be left alone to grow. As a result, I steadily tended to myself in my brothers’ shadows. Working hard, alone, honing my skills because I knew what I wanted.

I have wanted to be an artist ever since I was a tiny kid. I knew this because once I got my hands on something such as a pencil and paper, I was in wonderland. I remembered going to art class in Elementary school and it was never enough time for me. I wanted more time to create. Being an artist was in my blood. From then forth I sat down to begin this journey. So far I have made over five hundred pieces of art and still counting, finished a sixteen chapter fanfic during my middle school years, and started on the second novel. That was only during my Middle school and High School year. In college, I took most of the art classes and taught kids as a side hustle. Whoa, that is like seven years of my life right there.

If you take that into consideration, I have only been hammering to be an artist for about five of those seven years. Therefore, I do not count myself as a professional artist. No Sir. I am still learning and until my last breath I will always be. Change is the only constant.

Even though I am still learning, I want to start to develop a deeper passion with my art. This is why I am surprised I didn’t turn my art into magick when I began to look into witchcraft in 2018. I guess it was because it was a new subject. Witchcraft is broad as hell with seventy million ways to do it, so it is understandable. I would define it for you real quick, but each person’s spiritual path is unique, making it impossible in one sentence. Just know black magick is not necessarily evil and not the only path.

Then in 2020, I came to the conclusion that I should combine my art and spiritual path. Witches are creative people in general; we make wands out of sticks or design altar spaces. So I thought, “Why not use my love for art to enhance my spiritual journey, and use my spiritual journey to enhance my art?” Which is what I intend to do from here on out, to have my art to be geared towards magick.

In a way, I am starting from scratch again. Starting over, the whole train ride. But you know what? I am probably more excited to make art now than ever because instead of making art that I think everyone will enjoy, like drawing Sailor Moon in my style. Seriously, what is up with everyone drawing Sailor Moon? I will be making art that when I die, I can look back and think. “Wow I created this piece of art.” Maybe it will help people remember the little weirdo known as Vic Slater. Maybe not.

I guess that is my bigger goal. To draw amazing art that I feel proud of and bring happiness in my soul. Isn’t that what art is about? To make you feel something? So, on top of satisfying my own desire to create, I hope that the pieces I do make, wow you as well. Well, do you wanna come along this journey with me?

Favourite Visual Artist
Meru Peri
Favourite Movies
Pokemon Movies
Favourite TV Shows
Romance Anime
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Smashed Into Pieces
Favourite Books
Wings of Fire
Favourite Writers
Favourite Games
Okami, Star Stable, Temtem, Child of Light
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Wacom tablet + Paint Tool Sai 2
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"If my knight were to slay me, he'd have to be in shining amour with a flowing cape. A lance or shield would be a nice touch too." @team
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Happy birthday to you, and enjoy this very... VERY... Cursed Halo MOD Video...:
Happy Birthday! <3
Happy Birthday! ^^
thank you so much!!! ^^