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[BnHA COLLAB] Study Session

By Kemmasandi
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「  」► I've been doing a load of collabs this year to relax between schoolwork... Did this one quite a while ago lol, and the collab itself is also quite old but I really liked the pose, so I went for it. XD The original collab is by Kiirino and can be found here:…

This is Nagisa, one of the children of my ToshiKoyo ship. She's her mom's lil clone, lol. She wanted to look more like her dad so she dyed her hair blonde, but that was a Mistake and now she's just got these bleached bits all through her hair. She's not sure what to do about that, kinda doesn't wanna admit that she failed.XDD

Nagisa doesn’t actually go to UA, but I wanted to draw her so oh well. 😂 Her twin brother, Shigeki, and her older half-sister Keika did, and she had originally hoped to get into UA as well, but in her last year of middle school she had second thoughts and realised that she didn’t actually want to be a Hero. She’s interested in environmental science and she likes getting out into nature, so she’s focusing on natural sciences in a school that’s known more for its academics. Sometimes she regrets her choices; the workload is pretty high. 💀💀💀⁣

Boku no Hero Academia © Kohei Horikoshi 
Tamiyo © Kiirino 
Nagisa © Kemmasandi
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Such a cute pair of ladies and such a fun collab to do too ^_^

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Haha, thank you! :D Yesss, it was a great concept to work with <333