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Project WIP

Art project working on for my Drawing 2 class.

Assignment: Self-portrait or narrative. Must be in color.

I chose to do myself with my characters in the back. Only about 40% done so far, plan to fully color each subject/figure, and there will be on more above the one with three, I just plan on having that be a blob of color (indistinct). Will also be words and decoration in background.

As of now:

6 hours Friday laying down lines and composition, fixing anatomy, preparing it for color.
7-8 hours today (Saturday) making the color you see here. Around two hours for each subject. I would consider these subjects all finished. Perhaps a little touchups in the end, but finished for now.

To happen:
Tomorrow (Sunday) finish the other figures entirely.
Monday the background.

Due on Tuesday at 8 for a crit.

I'll be posting up closeups of each thing as they're done. IMO, they all look better from afar. They're all going to be meant to be see together, hence why there are shapeless hands. :]

Starting at left, top row: Kally (in tree), Shock (flying with her friend/companion, hard to explain).
Beneath Shock: Kemine (flying backwards with funny hair)
Bottom, from left: Myself (with fairies representing hope, joy, those kinds of emotions), Yvon/Jamile/Arwyle (from my first book, will be kind of blurred in backgrond, so not as refined), Aly'von and Dimetri-lashon (with their familiars Cole and Kayara, respectively), Musician (playing her violin).

Oh, and the book in the upper right corner.

Feel free to comment on anatomy. Especially the ones not colored. I used reference photos for a few, but not all.

I could keep talking but no, I'm done. XD

WIP, will be scrapped as new WIPs/finished product are put up. Done with Prismacolor pencil on Canson Ingres gray paper.

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What are you planning for the background? Because that could either make or break this.
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I'm planning on mostly words that relate to each. Clips from their stories. Also a "space" kind of. A little grass below Al/Dim's feet, the grass going into a wood floor beneath the Musician, some music notes behind her. I'm not planning on coloring the whole background, or even a solid color. Mostly stuff relating to the characters, but I don't plan on blocking out each one.

I'm curious, what are your suggestions? I'm up for ideas.
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I asked because I wouldn't be able to come up with anything at all. :D I'm horrible with backgrounds.
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Ah, haha. That's alright. The background actually makes me nervous. At the time I'm typing this I'm done with the figures and I just need to do the background. I'm nervous cause you're so right, the background is really going to determine how awesome or horrible this will be.
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Aw man I didn't wanna make you second guess yourself. Usually, first instincts are the best choice. >.>
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Oh no, totally not second guessing. I'm very confident this is what I'm doing just need to figure out exactly what words and how to display them. Mostly be falling from the book, definitely.
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