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Albums: Mystik Kingdom

No Doubt's album cover for "Tragic Kingdom" featuring Mystik Spiral and Monique (yes, they decided to change the name) from MTV's "Daria."

In case you're curious, here's a link to the original album cover:…

This is the first in a series of Daria fan art I'm working on; each will be an album cover parody. I basically just went through my CD collection and started pulling out album covers I thought were interesting and that I could fit the Daria characters into. I've done a couple album covers in the past using Daria characters, and I thought it would be fun to expand on that idea.
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Nice. But Monique looks more like a Marissa(probably because she looks a lot like my cousin's friend Marissa XD) though.

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That's bloody awesome.
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really like this one. probably my favourite in your album cover series so far.
the characters are all recognizable (even Nick and Max who are waaaay in back). Monique looks GREAT up front. you did a perfect job recreating all the ancillary elements of the album cover, too. and i absolutely love the bright colour palette!
if i HAD to nit pick, my one thing would be Jesse's face seems a bit squished, but that could even be an illusion because of his hair.
i hope you make a zillion more in this series!
Hey Kem! Great to see your work again! It's been years since I have been on the PPMB, maybe you remember me... "Parker-man."
(If not, no worries at all, I am a forgettable kinda guy)
Excellent job on this... looking forward to seeing more!

Oh yeah! "MERRY NEW YEAR!!!"
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Thanks! Yeah, I see what you mean about Jesse's face. I sort of thought his hair wasn't quite right. It looks a little....poofy. I think that threw me off when I was filling in his facial features. I think it's only maybe the second or third time I've drawn him, so I gotta keep practicing!
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i'm actually trying to draw jesse right now and i is NOT going well. dat hair, man.
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