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Hey there!

Mon Apr 7, 2014, 1:21 PM
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I haven't been a prolific journal writer here at DA, but since non-subscribers can post journals with custom skins today, I decided to post an entry. (The skin I used is SILENS by miontre.)

I haven't been very active when it comes to photography either. I don't have much inspiration for "studio" (to be read as "my room") photography lately, and I haven't been out in the nature, hence only one uploaded photo so far this year (and it's an old one). 

I've also been busy. I am trying to improve as a graphic designer and actually start making some money out of it. I am specializing in vector graphic t-shirt designs as a start.

I recently created a second profile on DA, where I will upload some of my designs for promotion purposes. You can check it out here: StrayCatGraphics. Not much going on there yet, though.

I also have stores on RedBubbleZazzle,  TeePublic and Design By Humans  where you can find all of my t-shirt designs. Some of my photos are available as postcards and photo prints too.

As part of the promotion thing, which is important if you want anyone to actually notice your t-shirts, I started up a blog on blogspot, where I write about basic design tips and problems which beginner designers like me might experience. (Not many journal entries there either, but I'm working on it.)

I have a tumblr blog too, where I post t-shirt and other designs, not just mine, but everything I like.

Well, that's quite enough whoring out for one journal entry, but considering it's probably going to be my only one for the year, I decided not to go easy on the links. :P

Have a great day, everyone!

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I haven't submitted anything here in ages. Literally. Well, I guess I'm back. Alas, I didn't pick quite the right time for my grand return, since the academic year has resently begun and I won't have much time to draw. Still, I hope I'll submit deviations more often than before :P
With the beginning of the astronomical winter, it began snowing here.. I'm really enjoing that - I love snow and I love the winter as a whole (that's maybe my favourite season). The snow-cover is still relatively thin (about 10-15cm), but it's better than nothing :)
Lately I've been in good mood (except yesterday), which is not a state I'm used to, so I thought it would be an appropriate time to write my first journal :)
I've also finally managed to copy the scan of one of my pics from the damn floppy disc and to upload it here.

Well, I think there's nothing else to say for now, except
Merry Christmas!! :)