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Oceanic Nights


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The Lost Dunes, Pyrus II

 Grains of creatures past slip through your claws... The wind kicks up sand as you trudge through Hell’s Belt, waiting to meet your trainer who would help you master pyrus. You glance about you, your eyes straining to see. Sand, sand, and more sand. Why would someone who is a master of pyrus want to live in an area like this? Your paws carry you to the top of the dunes. The wind dies down and you can finally see clearly. A black and maroon kemata kicks his hind legs, flames spewing from his paw pads. He then lands on his forearms and rolls like a ball towards an enemy kem. Flames spike from his back as he swirls wildly towards the foe,

Magic Leveling

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The Guardian's Den, Step II

 The Perfect Marksmen Studies your posture... Brown eyes Study you from top to  bottom. A slender yet fit kemata trots towards you, word around the ship is you're the next recruit to advance in the ranks, well, he'll test that theory. "I've heard a lot about you, but words mean nothing compared to action, check valve." His tail sways past you, almost slapping your face as he trots his way towards the main deck.  "If you think you've got what it takes to defend a whole species then come this way and prove your worth, valve. Other wise remove yourself from my ship and quit wasting my time." The marbled gray kem glares down at you, waiting for

Class Leveling Journals

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The Dragons Opal: Mining

Mining Have you ever wondered how gems came to gain such healing properties and value? Why the kematas of old treasured these colorful rocks and stones? Well, glad you're here! I'll help you out with all of that and more. My name is Cadence, I am a proud and noble miner, unlike my family before me. Since I was a kit i have always found passion in gems, stones, and rocks. Every one of those non living things tells a story we will never experience and have outlasted many many wars. I'll show you the deepest caves to explore in and how to shape your precious gems properly to sell them as is or to be used in jewelry! So get your hard hat and lig

Activity Journals

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Oceanic Nights


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