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Colourful Chameleon 270

If you do not have an account with us, please note us to transfer ownership.
Otherwise, do not comment on this deviation. Thank you!
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Ownership Log
  • Please respond to this comment if transferring this Kemata to another user.
  • The current owner must use the tag function (@) to ping the new owner.
  • A mod will confirm and update the ownership; please be patient.
  • You may not transfer the ownership of a Kemata if you are not listed as the current owner.
  • Do NOT hide your comments; you can edit them to say you made a mistake and/or make a new one.
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General Information, Traits and Design Updates Log
  • All changes must first be approved by noting Val-Shenn.
    • This includes faction changes, redesigns, image updates, and anything listed in the deviation!
  • A mod will confirm and update the deviation and description; please be patient.
  • Previous text and images will be logged here for future reference.
  • Do NOT reply to this comment; it is for mod usage only.
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Blessings Log
  • Occasionally, your Kemata may be randomly blessed with a Magic or Skill!
  • In such cases, a mod will reply to this comment with the blessing and ping the current owner to let them know.
  • Do NOT reply to this comment; it is for mod usage only.