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Calico Woods



 Places of interest
  • Maple Town
    • A small town whose large trees are turned into dwellings and stores. Everyone here is warm and friendly.
    • Maple Syrup's Pancake Stall
      • A small travelling breakfast stall that specializes in pancakes and cocoa.

  • Watercolor Woods
    • A thick wooded area, the trees are all white with black splotches. Leaves grow quickly on the trees here, but wither and fall just as fast. The ground is covered with high piles of fallen leaves. Small but deep puddles of water are home to the Calico Snakes.
    • Calico Pond
      • A decent sized pond, home to the Water Leopard--a large monster, king of water snakes. 

  • Kibali Shrine
    • A shrine filled with a thick miasma, causing all living things to fall ill if wandering near the shrine for too long. Lost souls can be found here hiding around the damp leaves and bare branches. Watch out, a powerful soul might sneak up on you!

Artwork by whitecorgi AmPmRm and CROWFLOCK
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