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This is the masterlist account for Kematas, a closed species by @AmPmRm and @whitecorgi!


I can't find my Kemata; where is it?

Go to the "Gallery" tab and type in your Kemata's title (usually labelled in the designer's original submission) in the search bar. If it does not show up, it probably means the masterlist hasn't been updated; please be patient, we're doing our best!

How do I update a change in ownership?

This is the responsibility of the current owner, not the new owner. Please find your Kemata in the masterlist gallery, copy its link, then note the @Val-Shenn group with a messaged titled "Transferring Ownership" or something similar. A staff member will respond to your note as soon as possible and get it sorted! If you're on our Val Shenn website, you can transfer the ownership yourself by going to the Kemata's profile.

There is a mistake with my Kemata's masterlist entry!

Please note @Val-Shenn with a link to the entry and a description of the mistake; it will be fixed as soon as possible.

Can you update the masterlist entry with this image/redesign?

Yes, just note the main group (not this account) with the link to the masterlist entry and the new image. Redesigns will have to be approved before the entry will be updated, which can be done in the same note.

I have a question not answered here?

Feel free to note/comment on the main group/journals! A staff member will get back to you as soon as they can~