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Castle Crashers

Cant wait for this game and I had an old sketch lying around that I have been itching to colour with my new tablet

So i Did!

Hope you like it!

edit - This is NOT traced, NOT photoshopped over the original etc etc etc, I drew this by hand, and coloured it...BY HAND!

Jesus guys...
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Jul 3, 2008, 6:47:25 PM
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Hi there Kem2000! I used your fanart with an audio spectrum display made with Adobe AE. Don't worry, people will know you made it, I credited you in the video C: With your permission to use it, it will be on my channel when you allow it's use.
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Hi, I'm designing a pair of custom shoes for a friend, and I was wondering if I could take inspiration from this piece? I'm going to draw on a pair of white canvas shoes. I would give you credit of course, he wants a castle crashers theme and this would look brilliant, but I would like to get your permission first. It's a gorgeous piece, especially by hand! wow.
I'm on a bit of a time restraint so if you could just get back to me asap, that would be great. You can find me and my shoes at [link] :)
PS> I signed up to DeviantArt just today, so, that's why my profile's empty!
Thanks, Clara. :)
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That's fine with me, as long as you can credit this image then go for it :)

Would love to see them when done.
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thank you so much!! And yes I'l be sure to upload a photo when they're finished :)
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henshit-spirit and aidsbooger are idiots, its still lovely fan art : D
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Thank you very much : )
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Very cool - the games awesome by the way - not as good as alien hominid though - thats brilliant
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cool drawing.
love this game
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This is not fan art this is just tracing.

Fan art means that you make something original.
This is not an original piece.
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how does it count as tracing exactly if I drew it all by hand?

Yes, it is their title screen concept, but I drew it again...By HAND, not Traced...
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this was actually the character select concept...glad they changed it
aidsburger's avatar
its still not an original piece.
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Oh also - See if you can resize this to 1280x1024 or even 1024x768. Might fit better for most people that way - this is the best one I've found for a kickass background.
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Epic win.. Good fan art, and this game is amazing. Hellooo work background :D
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Lol, your sketch? I've seen that same picture ages ago.

Don't rip off other people's work.
As for who I am, played you on Soul Caliber the other night. Bloke with the red and silver gear and scythe.
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well if you want proof of the photoshop file containing all the layers then sure...

I did draw this, its fanart of the character selection screen of Castle Crashers

So please dont start throwing false acusations around...

This IS my work, and I did everything that you see
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Last picture.

You did everything eh? Sure. You might've changed a few colours, but it's not your work.
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do you not seem to get the concept of fan art?

I mean, you do realise what it is dont you?

this is a 'fan art' drawing of THAT screen, I.e. The character selection screen....

as in this is MY version of THAT image...

are you getting me yet?

and heres the original, on paper, before I drew it again and coloured it again in photoshop...

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Fan art =/= copying or tracing real art.

Obviously you drew it, but it's an exact copy of the real thing.
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Not exact, look up "Castle Crashers" on Google images. You will find things similar, but not the same.
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