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Surrogacy is defined as follows: "One woman (host mother or surrogate mother) carries a child for another as the result of an agreement which is made before conception that the child should be handed over after birth. The couple wishing to have the child are called the commissioning couple." The definition is quite to the point and void of emotion.

What Makes A Couple Choose Surrogacy?

However, as with any story, there are two sides to the surrogacy tale. There is the side of the surrogate and there is also the side of the commissioning couple, particularly the mother-to-be. Many couples long for children and find, after years of fertility treatments, they are unable to conceive or carry a child of their own. Some have decided that adoption will fill their need and they bring children into their home that way. Others want to have a child that is, at least partially, biologically their own child and decide to use surrogacy to fulfill their desire.

Straight Surrogacy Vs. Gestational Surrogacy

In straight surrogacy, the host mother uses her own egg and is

There are legal implications to surrogacy and there are also emotional implications to be considered before undertaking this journey. It is a very complex issue and deserves time and focus to be sure everyone is emotionally and psychologically ready to proceed. Surrogacy provides a unique option for infertile couples and it differs from adoption because it offers a couple a genetic link to their child, either from both parents or at least from one.[…]

It Involves More Than "We Three"

There are more people involved in a birth by surrogacy than just the couple and the surrogate. There are families on both sides of the equation and very often other children to consider. Children need to be prepared for what is about to happen, and they need to have their questions and fears addressed. How are they going to be informed? There is also the family and friends of the commissioning couple as well as the surrogate who will have plenty of questions as well. How will these people be made aware of the decision?

Emotions And The Intended Mother

While the intended father will have emotions and thoughts about the surrogacy, the intended mother will have even more. She will have to be very honest about her feelings concerning the pregnancy and birth. If the surrogacy is partial, using the egg of the surrogate, how will she feel about another woman having her husband's child? Will contact be maintained with the surrogate mother? Will the child grow up knowing who the circumstances of his birth? If it is a gestational surrogacy, will she be able to cope well living a pregnancy vicariously?

These and many other questions are important to consider and work through. The rewards are huge. The cost may be just as big.


Kelvin Vanartsdalen
United States
My name is Kelvin Vanartsdalen. I was born on August 31, 1975 in a small town called Tabouk. In 1980, my family moved from Woodbridge “my home town” to Tabouk for business purposes. My family consists of seven boys and four girls. Both my father and mother are well educated. I spent my childhood in Tabouk with memories and happy moments. Aziz was my first friend that I have met, and we are in touch until now.
When I started my school, I was very excited. So, I was involved in many school activities beside my academic excellence. Some of the activities, for example, were the sciences competition, the annual exhibition of painting and the school soccer champion cup. In 1994, we moved to another city. Although it was not far from Tabouk, I had hard time to adapt to the new situation. In addition, I had a car accident in the first month after moving there. I underwent many surgeries to treat my injuries. That was a horrible event in my life.


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