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Inuyasha: Sword of Souls Ch. 1
Inuyasha: Tamashii no Ken
(Inuyasha: The Sword of Souls)
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or items in this story. All characters and items are the intellectual property of their rightful owners. Also, due to the amount of the Inuyasha series that I have seen in Japanese (fansubs ftw) I will be using the Japanese names for people, places, etc. If you have any questions as to what any of the Japanese words are, they are very easily found by Googling the word. To make it easier, all Japanese words or phrases will be marked, the first time mentioned, by an asterisk (*).
It had been several months now since the Shikon no Tama* had originally shattered, leading her into this journey across time. Through the journey, though, Kagome Higurashi had made several new friends and allies. There was Inuyasha, the inu-hanyou*. He was always rough on the outside, but Kagome felt that there was gentleness underneath that gruff exterior. Why she thought this, she wasn't really sure. Just call it
:iconkelvari:Kelvari 1 1
Final Fantasy XII: Eruyt Path
Final Fantasy XII
Eruyt Path
Description: What happened on that day, 50 years ago, when Fran left Eruyt Village?
Author's note: I claim no ownership of Final Fantasy XII, any of the characters, locations, or items in this story. Squaresoft, Square EA, Square Enix, or whatever their current name is holds all Final Fantasy trademarks and copyrights, as well as any related trademarks and copyrights.
"Fran," a gentle voice called through the closed door, "You know you can't just leave the wood. It is against the way of our people."
"I know that, mother," came Fran's somewhat flat reply. "But I feel there is more for us beyond the borders of the wood than what we know."
"Sister, please, open the door," came another voice – one which Fran immediately recognized as belonging to her younger sister Mjrn. Sighing softly as she looked over her small pack of supplies, Fran walked over to the door and unlocked it, letting Mjrn in while trying to avoid meeting the eyes of her older sister, Jote
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Farewell Walker Boh by keelerleah Farewell Walker Boh :iconkeelerleah:keelerleah 2,088 139 Chrono Cross DVD Cover by gamba87 Chrono Cross DVD Cover :icongamba87:gamba87 16 15 Chrono Trigger- Diorama 01 by Tsurera Chrono Trigger- Diorama 01 :icontsurera:Tsurera 24 11 CHRONO CROSS a world apart by Dice9633 CHRONO CROSS a world apart :icondice9633:Dice9633 955 128 Chrono Cross - You an' Me by YoukaiYume Chrono Cross - You an' Me :iconyoukaiyume:YoukaiYume 1,859 227 Over or not? by Yuli-chan Over or not? :iconyuli-chan:Yuli-chan 4 2 Chrono Cross: Serge and Kid by sweetakina Chrono Cross: Serge and Kid :iconsweetakina:sweetakina 36 16 Kid from Chrono Cross by ashvey Kid from Chrono Cross :iconashvey:ashvey 199 32 Kid x Serge by vashperado Kid x Serge :iconvashperado:vashperado 1,363 416


Wow... Over 10 years.... How much life has changed in that time..... I know I've not been on here, but life has been life. So, to give a summary, I've moved half-way across the country to California following my cousin's passing (may he be honored in Sto-vo-kor as he would have wanted). Living situation fell apart back in Illinois, and my fiancee already lived out here in SoCal, so here I am, coming up on 1 year on Feb 21. I've had two jobs out here already, and already quit one due to how stupid everything seemed to be being run out there. Still got the other job, but $10.50/hr isn't anywhere near enough for me to live off of out here, so I'm still trying to get a good job out here and I'm waiting to hear back from one place for a $20/hr job down in San D.

I know I've not posted much in terms of media in half of an eternity, and even before then I didn't have much posted, but life just hasn't given me the chance to be as creative as I'd like to be. Mostly been working, paying bills, and spending time with my fiancee and her family.

I'll try to get some more stuff uploaded, maybe get some of the stories that I wrote back in Illinois uploaded and introduce everyone to my character "Mouse". She seemed popular with the people that I introduced her to, so I'm hoping that she's popular enough here, too.


United States
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Well, there was a job fair at the college today. Started off with 5 copies of my resume, and now I have none. I guess that's a good sign, though. 3 of them went to tech companies, so that's a good thing for me.

In other news, I've started to make new friends, as well as get back in touch with some old friends of mine from school. I've also got a few people "interested" in me, so I guess I can't really complain too much. I'll try hard to keep in touch with everyone, but it's kind of hard to when you guys never get online or talk to me :(  I don't mind if you're strange people, just try not to be such strangers, kay?

Anywho.... Just thought it was time to post the new fanfic, and update the bloggy thing. At least I think it's a blog...  Bah. Whatever it is, it's updated now :P

Comments plz :D


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