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Hebrews Poem
When I sing the words "Jesus, shine your light and let the whole world see"
my mind cannot help but envision this chapel as a lighthouse.
With Christ as it's keeper, and we as the light being shone out
for the wayward ships threatening to crash into the perilous dangers of this world.
Greed, lust, hatred, depression, and many other rocks to tear into the hulls.
Yet, as the Preacher exhorts the small, struggling community,
itself a light in the midst of chaos and hardship: "There is hope!"
And not just hope. Instead, hope which anchors us to the inner sanctuary.
Holding us firmly not to some simple pier, but to the very presence of our Father.
Yet, even with this great anchor, the enemy still attacks.
Not only with the temptations that appear as deadly rocks,
but the persecution of ourselves.
Be it purely vocal, as is primary in America,
or to the death martyring, as in Asia.
    Satan attacks.
However, we have the great example of not only our Savio
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Prayer for Europe 2008
Yahweh when will you return to this land?
This land that used to stand as a lighthouse
in the midst of the global spiritual sea of death.
Yet, that light has long since faded!
The Truth is not known anymore,
as this continent has been relegated to post-modernism.
"Truth is relative" they claim!
But I stand here, convicted.
In love with the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
Your Son. Lover of not just souls, but of all mankind.
God, may the tears that pour forth for this land be the rain that comes before the harvest.
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Hebrews Poem - WIP
In our state of death and need,
     Christ gave Himself in a selfless deed
Coming down from the throne room of God
     To tread with us the dirt and sod.
Do not falter, do not look back!
     Persevere, lest you fall in the abyssmal crack.
Please, I beseech you: Seek the lost.
     For no matter how far, they are worth the cost.
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So imperfect.
That is me.
But this imperfection.
It makes me human.
Yet I am called to something higher than imperfection.
Some call me legalistic.
I call myself a failing follower.
Yet...He still allows me breath.
:iconkeltick:KelticK 1 7
A Bonfire for the Gospel
Our bodies are the Fuel;
Spirit, you are the Ignition.
Light us up, Father!
May we burn so brightly
May not only be seen nightly
This Bonfire of us is for You.
Read to shine for all the world to view.
Truly burn inside us, a fire in our bones.
Like that which was inside Jeremiah
Love. That is what the world will feel.
We will not be a fire that burns, like that of hell.
Nay, we come with the Good News
That Christ, our Saviour, is ALIVE!
:iconkeltick:KelticK 0 5
Terra Opus?
God. Father of my Saviour.
How Great THOU Art!
The Earth and it's many happenings are like
the orchestral magnum opus of your creation.
With ominous tones of evil represented by
the droning of the woodwinds and the low hum of the strings.
Then love picks up in the world, slowly,
with a momentous upsurge from the brass
which is overcome by the clanging cymbals
and smashing bass drums of hatred,
Then the melodious piano heard gaining volume in
the background, the soundtrack of joy.
And the audience jeers at the cacophony,
making snide comments about the pitiful conductor.
WHO ARE YOU!? They shout at him, until he turns around.
A hush. A gasp, in unison.
All air disappears from the room as they realize
the unmistakable truth.
It is them. They are the one with the wand.
Yes, God may have created the players,
the instruments
and the abilities of each.
But it is they, and it is us,
who direct this maddening, deafening symphony.
God gave us the freedom, and this is what WE've done.
But, alas,
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Mehr ramblings
God, my heart and soul cry out in agony!
The holes in my chest are longing for you to fill them.
The vacant rooms of my soul are begging to be consumed by You!
Fulfill me. Replenish me. Refill me. Help me. Love me.
I long for yearning of righteousness.
With all my being, I want You, and through You, I want peace.
Or is that an unattainable goal?
Is it the forbidden state in this fallen world?
Is peace even a feasible idea, concept, direction, to head towards?
Or shall the only shalom be found in the New Jerusalem?
How I long for my soul to be at ease and peace.
No longer wandering aimlessly across the barren wastelands and long forgotten wildernesses.
Rather, following You on the streets of gold, next to the glass sea.
Sustain me, my Redeemer!
For I am weary of this existence, yet the years ahead are beyond my imagination.
I struggle to understand the concepts taught about eternity and damnation, yet my feeble mind, broken by millenia of the effects of the fall, cannot grasp the utter
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Get me out.
Swords are wonderful. You can use them to fight, but also as a tool of disciplining oneself. I find my swords most comforting when I am angry, or cannot find another way to cope with my emotions, be they anger or sadness.
Such as right now, where I must cope both with leaving friends, both old and new behind, and also the bickering of certain family members.
So here I am, slashing away at thin air, fighting off the emotions that plague me.
God help me.
:iconkeltick:KelticK 0 3
God...I am so lost.
Lost as a wanderer of this earth.
I am here.
Begging for answers.
Please me.
:iconkeltick:KelticK 0 3
Hunting for the one.
That seems to always be at the heart of my subconscious.
But why?
I am a hopeless cause when it comes to relationships, this you know!
Even if I know all the right words to say and the right things to do,  I have yet to not break a heart.
:iconkeltick:KelticK 0 0
Müde, so müde, doch
  ich muss angehen!
Ever weary, sustained
  only by you.
My submission to you is
  my only hope.
Pull me up out of my tired
  lethargic state of being
Throw me into your warmth,
  your light, your presence.
Please, have mercy on my
  beleaguered body.
:iconkeltick:KelticK 0 1
Directed Ramblings
Passing fancies and impetuous infatuations,
O how they plague me!
May they stop flowing my thoughts and desires.
May I be overwhelmed with passion for you!
How can I not, for I have been given salvation,
and the command to deliver the Gospel to the nations!
But not just I, but the Church!
The church, even with it's many failings and screw-ups.
Marching onward, on our knees, or so we say.
Yet, how often do we wear the knees of our jeans, aside from pick up games?
Oh Sovereign Protector, forgive us!
Vergeben Sie mcih!
:iconkeltick:KelticK 0 3
Utter turmoil is the description of my heart's condition.
Soothe my soul, my God, my Comforter!
Show me the light in this weary path of mine.
I see no end except death to this endless repetition of upbeats and beatdowns.
Joy is hard to come by these days: Renew my heart, for I long to be joyful and a singer of your praise.
:iconkeltick:KelticK 0 7
Millions of faces
  in the dark of night
Hidden in shadow,
  no light to reveal the cry of their heart
There is a longing,
  a want for love, acceptance, of the unknown,
Yet there are those,
  that know the unknown
We are them.
  We the saved.
Will we go?
  Will we reach beyond our limits?
:iconkeltick:KelticK 1 3
Mai Kuai Ren by wrythoughts by KelticK Mai Kuai Ren by wrythoughts :iconkeltick:KelticK 0 1
This death I have brought upon myself
Into the Kracken I must plunge
Satan's locker, here I come
Yet, alas, a light on the horizon
A beacon through the mist, searching
For me it comes, and to Him I run
I beg for His forgiveness, and all I hear is "Yes, my son!"
Yet, like before, I run away from Him who saved me.
And once more, I go into the inescapable clutches of death.
Over and over, I repeat this, and every time, I am saved.
Deserve this? Never I! Need this?
To live eternal with the father? Yes! Yet...
:iconkeltick:KelticK 0 2


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Favourite genre of music: Folk.
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  • Reading: Da Vinci Code
I get married in 7 days 13 hours. :)


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