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Snow Fall

By Kelskora
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A gift for my one and only edge lord, Faker (Spiney).
I wanted to draw our two sonas, (now that I actually have one >:u) with Tempest keeping her smol Spiney warm and protecting her from the snow blowing around. 

I started this about a week or so ago when we were being sappy lil' shits. I am late to the making sappy journals and status', because I wanted to make a drawing before I said what I had to. With spiney heading to college this weekend (and I'm so very proud of her) it was the best time to finish this up and say some things that I've been meaning to say, without crying

Spiney and I had a very strange way of meeting, it was not on good terms, I knew she didn't like me :)
but during that time we somehow came to a point where we were becoming friends. (thanks to a blue hedgehog of all things). I'll never forget the first time we talked on skype, the first time we got on call (which I believe when we were playing sanic ball with some people, again that blue hedgehog), when we'd be on call playing sonic adventure raising chao, or just being on call drawing not even needing to talk, just be each others company, and of course everything we went through together.  I'll especially never forget the time we started calling each other faker, ever since then faker didn't have the same meaning. Every time we hear it now, we think of one another, and funny enough it fits so well.
Meeting you was the start of what turned out to be an amazing year, I've never had someone make me laugh so hard I cried, or someone who was as honest and felt as if they truly understood. I really, really don't know where I'd be without you.

I can't thank you enough for being my faker :heart:

now that I'm done, excuse me while I go sob :')

Art by Kelskora 
Tempest belongs to Kelskora
Spiney belongs to Spiney-Artz 
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Dragonlord-DaegenHobbyist General Artist
this is such a gorgous dragon

after seeing one of your Characters portrayed by my friend SekoiyaStoryteller i just had to see your work and this one is VERY impressive

not only the dragon itself,but the silent ambiance of the moonlit winters night reflects the deepness and meaning of the picture so well.

i would like to ask you something if you would be so kind.

i would like to (with your permission) use this art in a ongoing project of mine where i submit Fan-made Yugioh cards featuring inspiring art i have seen from other artists,the deviation will include detales of why i chose that art as well as give a shout out and link to the original artist,,and of course,all credit is given to them for their art.
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Technobro781Hobbyist Digital Artist
can i plz put this as my wallpaper? i love it
AvalarianSpirit's avatar
fucking beast.
MaskedDragonLin's avatar
MaskedDragonLinHobbyist General Artist
This is stunning- I'm viewing from a mobile, so when the image loaded I zoomed to see detail better. I was looking from left to right, and at first I was like, cool, Kelsk made another cool piece, but then I moved to see the body and wow, the way the light hits your sona's shoulder and how the snow gathers there is literally the coolest thing. The whole composition of this is gorgeous.
Mollish's avatar
MollishHobbyist Digital Artist
DrakeTheAngel's avatar
This is absolutely gorgeous and amazing! So sweet as well. ^^
Cosmic-Cucumbers's avatar
Cosmic-CucumbersHobbyist Digital Artist
That is one beautiful picture <333
Dimonitik's avatar
It's Sarotar from skyrim 😀😀
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NaridTheNighthunter's avatar
NaridTheNighthunterHobbyist Traditional Artist
Simply amazing work, nice job! :)
Yorialu's avatar
YorialuHobbyist Digital Artist
Especially during the dang stream last weekend, I was astonished by the detail up close :stare:
And due the background and effects, I just can't even, the way you drew the background and shaded everything, top notch, love it all.
Keep it up you blue nerd >:v
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SnowyRoselinaStudent Traditional Artist
This is beautiful. ; _ ;
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