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Seaside Run

By Kelskora
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I've had an art block this past week so I drew this trying to beat it, I think it worked for the most part. I've been working on another lineless project for the SA2 story which I have no idea when I'll be done with. Then I have another after that to be doing for unleashed, so in between projects I'll have drawings like this until then so I don't have such little activity on here. And I need a break, the details get tedious after a while c': and after those two I'll be taking some requests for what scene from the games you want to see next so I can have an idea of where to go from there so I'm excited to see what you guys have to say!

I had fun doing all the saturated colors for this one xD I tried a bit of a different shading style and with the bg hoping it feels a bit more, sonic? idk xD
anyway, enjoy

Art by Kelskora
Sonic Belongs to SEGA
Made with SAI


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I can see this one is more saturated, like you said, and the different shading too. All of it is working, dude! X3 Love everything about it, as usual! ^^
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What a phenomenal drawing of Sonic dashing along the seaside! His pose and expression are really outstanding! B-)
The outlines, the colouring, the shadings and highlights, the effects with the motion blur, and the background are truly astonishing! Please keep it up! :thumbsup: ;)
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I was wondering how you do motion blur? I use paint tool SAI so I duplicate layers and blur them, but it isn't as effective :>
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I am loving your backgrounds for your Sonic art :3
The pretty sky and ocean and the beach are just so lovely!
Sonic looks super fast here- a wonderful piece for any Sonic fan! <3
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:iconsanicplz: Great drawing of Sanic :U
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woahhhh that beautiful this is an awesome picture. A beauty for eye an fan of sonic the hedgehog
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This looks great! Love the colors and attention to details on this one c: Great work! :)
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Unleashed? Woo! To be honest, Unleashed is one of my favorite games.
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Woooo more sonic!  love that background kels ;w; i know i say that a lot but seriously those backgrounds are amazing!  that beech looks like somewhere i would want to be~ (and i don't even like going to the beech XD ) AND UGH THAT WATER,  its so pretty  ;w;  i want to go to a tropical place and just look at the Cristal water x3  LOVE IT.  also Love how you make motion blurring~  it really helps make this look FAST~ <3 YOU TELL THAT ART BLOCK WHOS BOSS <3 
cant wait to see some more of your projects!  and take your time!  no need to exhaust yourself ;w; :heart:
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AW YEAAAh I love the colors you use =)
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Epic work :la:
The landscapes that you create are beautiful c:
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Running around even at the edge of his fear
Got places to go
Gotta follow the sunshine :music:
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Nice! This piece has lovely detail! 
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This is beautiful <3
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Sonic: Wow, Kelsky, you drew me SO cool! Sonic Emoticon #5
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