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- Keow?

Oh you think this bones are treasures, cause they are from dragons? This seagull don't think so. She is searching for food, and if you will not help her, she will eat your "treasures"! Because she can.

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Oh man, this looks amazing! I love the ripples on the water, especially.
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oh thank you!
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You're welcome!
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"Mine?"  :-)

Love the concept!  I have not seen one quite like this before.  :-)  Nice coloring too!  I like that it's a watercolor; they don't get used enough here in my opinion and I think it's a particularly good choice for this painting.  The muzzle breaking the lower border looks good too; just enough sticking out of the water without being blatant.  The seagull's perch gives that a bit of balance too.  Very nice job overall.
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Yeah, she looks for a food to say "mine-mine"!
I use watercolor only for water COLOR ;DD because markers will not give such one-tone bg. Other things are coloring with markers and a bit of digital watercolor for shadows. And yes, I love to build a border for breaking it! :D
Thank you!
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The bird groaned.

The juicy bits had all been finished. He hated gnawing at bones.

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this is so cute~

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I love shallow ocean / beach pictures like that where you can see the sand on the bottom and objects sticking out of the water. They look weirdly relaxing too me, probably because shallow ocean water is usually really warm in real life and white beach is usually related to tropical beaches.

Great use of color and shading.

I think if you had used less white to indicate the waves foam it would have worked just as well

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Then these dragons rest with peace in a very relaxation place, maybe once they just had relaxed too much death ;D
Thank you!
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mmh that one skull on the left seems to have been badly damaged, maybe they two fought and then both died on their injuries?

But personally I like to think that those two dragons are part of a subspecies who only chose a mating partner once and then never separate.

They noticed that they were getting old so they deiced to settle down on a nice relaxing beach and move on to the next world together.

btw. your style reminds me a lot of Akira Toriyama (an artist who's drawings of animals, dinosaurs, robots and vehicles I always preferred over his martial arts characters), especially the way you use color.

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Actually there are more than two dragons, their bones are very old, so old so the landscape has changed and now the ocean is where it wasn't in their time.
I don't know this artist, but I think that simple line and a limited color palette is pretty common.
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