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Avengers Gowns: Coulson, Fury, and Hill



here's the second to last set in my Avengers series. from left to right we have Agent Coulson, Director Fury, and Agent Hill.

Coulson was really tricky, and i'm not sure if i'm absolutely happy with him, but oh well. i wanted to keep his dress as suity as i could without making it too businessy while still matching his personality and demeanor. his tie morphed into a tied necklace, and his love of Cap into the star in his hair. as an added bonus (my boyfriend's idea), i gave him a Captain America comic to hold. silly, i know. XD

for Fury, i loved the idea of putting him in a big poofy princess dress for some reason. it is partially inspired after MLP:FiM's gala dress for Twilight Sparkle, though moreso in the original designs for it.

Agent Hill i did solely because i had so many requests for her. since she's more or less wearing the same uniform as everyone else on their big plane thingy, i knew i'd have to make it somewhat simple. i decided on this dress since from the front it would like quite conservative, while from the back it would be a little more edgy. and i added a mole to her face because Maria Hill reminded me a good deal of Maria Ross from FMA. *teehee*

and yes, Loki is on his way!

on tumblr: [link]

Black Widow and Hawkeye: [link]
Iron Man and Hulk: [link]
Thor and Captain America: [link]
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