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Avengers Gowns: Coulson, Fury, and Hill

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here's the second to last set in my Avengers series. from left to right we have Agent Coulson, Director Fury, and Agent Hill.

Coulson was really tricky, and i'm not sure if i'm absolutely happy with him, but oh well. i wanted to keep his dress as suity as i could without making it too businessy while still matching his personality and demeanor. his tie morphed into a tied necklace, and his love of Cap into the star in his hair. as an added bonus (my boyfriend's idea), i gave him a Captain America comic to hold. silly, i know. XD

for Fury, i loved the idea of putting him in a big poofy princess dress for some reason. it is partially inspired after MLP:FiM's gala dress for Twilight Sparkle, though moreso in the original designs for it.

Agent Hill i did solely because i had so many requests for her. since she's more or less wearing the same uniform as everyone else on their big plane thingy, i knew i'd have to make it somewhat simple. i decided on this dress since from the front it would like quite conservative, while from the back it would be a little more edgy. and i added a mole to her face because Maria Hill reminded me a good deal of Maria Ross from FMA. *teehee*

and yes, Loki is on his way!

on tumblr: [link]

Black Widow and Hawkeye: [link]
Iron Man and Hulk: [link]
Thor and Captain America: [link]
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The second you mention Maria Hill being like Maria Hill I was like OHMYGOSH I CAN TOTALLY SEE THAT!
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By God I would absolutely DIE to see Samuel L. Jackson wearing that dress. It would be hysterical!
Doctorwholovesthe80s's avatar
He would look awesome with an expression that says "You say one M****F*** thing about my dress, I will shoot you in the M****F*** face!"
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I may just look at hills design for my prom dress. That is so.nice
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My favs are Fury and Hill since they're more princess like. Coulson is great too. It really fits the business/agent vibe.
Feeling-Kitsune's avatar
the back of hill's dress. Ahhhh *A* It's glorious
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all of these are amazing and i love the whole Coulsons tie into a necklace thing but im mainly just gonna flip out over FURY!!!!!!!!!!!
and LOVE LOVE LOVE the strap! how instead of giving the model an eyepatch you just added it onto the damn strap!
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I love furys dress especially what you have done with the hair to become an eye patch!!
CocaBeliLight's avatar
i noticed the star!
and i thought this could be a symbol for his >>love<< to cap!
then I read the description...
and AWWWW!

this dress suits him/her (lol) very well!

my heart is beating very fast!
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I adore the design for Maria :O
I cosplay as Maria, may I make this dress into a reality? :O It'd be a great challenge and would look so pretty in real life!
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I wanna wear the Coulson-dress! :P
biohazard22791's avatar
Love how the hair also matches the original characters in some ways. I love it!
LeeliWingfeather's avatar
Oh my gosh! I love Maria's! Can you PLEASE do the front? I'm dying to know what it looks like.
Deck-o-Cards's avatar
Hi! Could you give me a bit more detail for what you envisioned for Hill? Are there any horizontal seams in the front? -beeeegs for a front image!-
silverxtippedxrose's avatar
Somehow, this works REALLY well.
As much as you may not exactly like Coulson, I think it works really well for the character, even in this way of seeing ... him/her. Its sensible, yet still has an air of elegance. I think it works.
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I think coulson is awesome! *-*
Fleur-de-Mort's avatar
The fact that she-Fury's hair falls over her eye just makes my day lol
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Oh, and that "plane thingy" is the Helicarrier.
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I like the "hidden" SHIELD logo on Hill's dress. It seems to fit her.
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I don't think it's silly that there's a Captain America comic book in there. It's pretty cool! And the tied necklace! So cute! The Couslon dress would definitely be something that I'd wear to an interview. :)
I love Fury's dress. It looks similar to my senior year homecoming dress, except that it was black and white with a black fabric covering part of the skirt. It looks pretty.
And Maria Hill's dress is my favorite! I love the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on the back skirt, and I love how her arms are completely covered with the back exposed. She looks absolutely beautiful. I don't really like her in the comics because she's tough-as-nails aggressive, but Cobie Smulders did a great job of her in the movie. I like her better in the movie. :)
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