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Avengers Gowns: Complete Collection

Here is the Complete Collection of gowns. Download size is 2560x1440, so it should be resizeable to fit most desktop sizes if you want to use it as a wallpaper.

The series:
Thor and Cap
Iron Man and Hulk
Black Widow and Hawkeye
Coulson, Fury, and Hill

and if you're interested, here you can find all the backviews of the gowns (they're quite sketchy).

Also, I've been honored by quite a few cosplayers making these gowns or gowns based on these themselves! You can find my growing list here.
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This are gorgeous designs! I love how they are all so unique in their design and fit the characters so well!
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madizzlee's avatar
These are gorgeous! I love how clear each Avenger's identity is, but they look so elegant!

I want to see a group cosplay these. :D
ARTIV-Arts21's avatar
my favorite dress is thor,loki,fury,and hulkHeart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
rats-xp's avatar
Thor's and Loki's gowns are my favorite :love:
Weegoddess's avatar
OMG this is the most awesome thing ever.
irina1492's avatar
XD Gorgeous, seriously.
Breebree66's avatar
amazing i wish i had a gown that beautiful....Love 
Wow, I immediately recognized Coulson, and I love Hill, great job!
CheerfulOptimistic's avatar
I do believe I've found my Facebook cover photo. And my favorite dresses would have to be Loki and Captain America. Then Maria Hill.
yavie33's avatar
Oh snap, these are amazing! 
DreadedOne131's avatar
Will there be an Agents of Shield version?  I am sure Reyna and Skye would make excellent sources for gowns!
These are great and now it is needed to cosplay this....
DawneOfNerds's avatar
I absolutely ADORE these. The Black Widow, Thor & Loki ones are my favorite. Stellar work! :)
Naomi33's avatar
These are all such beautiful designs. I honestly can't decide which one I like the most. They all are so pretty and fit the characters personalities and original designs really well. 
I love how you have all of the little details. you really inspire me!
SuperRawrX's avatar
Never mind that last comment...
SuperRawrX's avatar
If I actually made one of these would you be mad?
Pretzells's avatar
I LOVE the captain A gown. so classy.
laidbacktionist's avatar
These are absolutely gorgeous!
Mikkeneko's avatar
I love them all! (Although it took me a moment to figure out Coulson and Hulk -- at first I saw green and assumed Loki, but Loki has her own dress!)
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