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The Ghost Tracks of Higbee Beach ll by KelseyMariePhoto The Ghost Tracks of Higbee Beach ll :iconkelseymariephoto:KelseyMariePhoto 15 1 The Ghost Tracks of Higbee Beach by KelseyMariePhoto The Ghost Tracks of Higbee Beach :iconkelseymariephoto:KelseyMariePhoto 13 1 SS Atlantus - Sunken Ship ll by KelseyMariePhoto SS Atlantus - Sunken Ship ll :iconkelseymariephoto:KelseyMariePhoto 5 1 SS Atlantus - Sunken Ship by KelseyMariePhoto SS Atlantus - Sunken Ship :iconkelseymariephoto:KelseyMariePhoto 4 0 WW ll Watch Tower by KelseyMariePhoto WW ll Watch Tower :iconkelseymariephoto:KelseyMariePhoto 9 1 Albino Deer by KelseyMariePhoto Albino Deer :iconkelseymariephoto:KelseyMariePhoto 16 3 Ostriches by KelseyMariePhoto Ostriches :iconkelseymariephoto:KelseyMariePhoto 12 0 Beautiful Patterns of an Leopard by KelseyMariePhoto Beautiful Patterns of an Leopard :iconkelseymariephoto:KelseyMariePhoto 10 1 Juda, The Amur Leopard by KelseyMariePhoto Juda, The Amur Leopard :iconkelseymariephoto:KelseyMariePhoto 12 0 Lex, The African Lion by KelseyMariePhoto Lex, The African Lion :iconkelseymariephoto:KelseyMariePhoto 10 0 Lookin' For The Zookeeper by KelseyMariePhoto Lookin' For The Zookeeper :iconkelseymariephoto:KelseyMariePhoto 16 2 Bella, The African Lion by KelseyMariePhoto Bella, The African Lion :iconkelseymariephoto:KelseyMariePhoto 12 0 Bald Eagle by KelseyMariePhoto Bald Eagle :iconkelseymariephoto:KelseyMariePhoto 8 1 Peacock Wall of Feathers by KelseyMariePhoto Peacock Wall of Feathers :iconkelseymariephoto:KelseyMariePhoto 16 1 Resting by KelseyMariePhoto Resting :iconkelseymariephoto:KelseyMariePhoto 9 1 Boat by KelseyMariePhoto Boat :iconkelseymariephoto:KelseyMariePhoto 3 1
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There are many things to assure before you end up using any of the following pictures in any category. I would love if you could do the following if used anywhere.

I. I would appreciate if you could link back to the picture used.
II. Do not claim any picture as your own, there may not be a watermark, but there's always a way a picture is traced back to its original author.
III. Ask for permission if you wish to use it in any way possible, including role-plays, areas, etc. I do not mind if you use any of my pets for a reference, just please don't claim it as your pet!

As for everything else within my gallery, I do not use photo manipulations or even edit pictures with photoshop. I do not have the time, patience or valuable time to make my pictures extra noticeable. Every moment is caught by the lens of any digital I have in the palm of my hands. I upgrade over time as well, so you'll notice a lot of pictures over the years, by their exposure and composition.

Enjoy my gallery!


Three-dimensional works of art by iside2012 Three-dimensional works of art :iconiside2012:iside2012 29 17 Tree with fruit and exotic flowers. by iside2012 Tree with fruit and exotic flowers. :iconiside2012:iside2012 30 2 Abstract green blue by iside2012 Abstract green blue :iconiside2012:iside2012 24 13 Shells gif by iside2012 Shells gif :iconiside2012:iside2012 10 6 Tiles with light by iside2012 Tiles with light :iconiside2012:iside2012 16 9 So much love for everyone. by iside2012 So much love for everyone. :iconiside2012:iside2012 22 14 Always love, forever. by iside2012 Always love, forever. :iconiside2012:iside2012 16 8 Hearts by iside2012 Hearts :iconiside2012:iside2012 7 8 Travel inside the mind by iside2012 Travel inside the mind :iconiside2012:iside2012 20 12 A very creative flower by iside2012 A very creative flower :iconiside2012:iside2012 16 9 Imaginations of a flower by iside2012 Imaginations of a flower :iconiside2012:iside2012 20 14 Red and Green by iside2012 Red and Green :iconiside2012:iside2012 43 26 The energy of life ... golden light. by iside2012 The energy of life ... golden light. :iconiside2012:iside2012 52 22 Liquid Embers 2.0 by TamberElla Liquid Embers 2.0 :icontamberella:TamberElla 3,210 55 The Sun by TamberElla The Sun :icontamberella:TamberElla 4,993 68 Cloudy Skies by TamberElla Cloudy Skies :icontamberella:TamberElla 3,564 61
Don't stop browsing DA by PerAera Favebomber Stamp by Inemiset
It's what I do :iconstudmuffinplz:


by m-eralp

It's quite a miracle whenever I come across these photos of yours that you upload and I just happen to stare at them in awe and imagine...

by m-eralp

This picture here is as gorgeous as a painting. The colors and hues that come together, streaked across the atmosphere and reflecting o...



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Donate anytime that you want! This will help me reach my goals and allowing myself to pursue and help out others that may need it more desperately than myself. Please do as you must when you donate, I will look into sparing points for not just myself but others.

If you're feeling kind and generous and love my work, feel free to give me a small/large amount, whatever your heart desires!


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My favorites are my collections of other deviants, NOT MY OWN WORK. Please stop messaging me if I do abstract/fractal art. Same goes for other collections of magnificent photography and macro art. I have unique/creative titles for collections...that is all.
The Ghost Tracks of Higbee Beach ll
Higbee Beach, New Jersey. See the previous picture for information of the picture, there's not information I've added of the history of the railroad tracks.
The Ghost Tracks of Higbee Beach
 Higbee Beach, New Jersey. 2018

I went late in the week, late in the day. We've walked the other side of Sunset beach, to only find out there was a deep end of water coming in that split the beaches...couldn't see that on the maps otherwise I would've gotten a better shot at before sunset. Maybe even before all the water from the tide came in.
Has been across the news for South jersey all last week and the week before, with outstanding more photographers to make the ghost tracks look more real.
Hello everyone! I had a hiatus for so long that I haven't had the time, flexibility or even a motive to really come here and check on things. Life is strange and crazy that everything got caught up in one spot and I had to dig my way out of this hole. Despite not having that one retail job, I scored another job cleaning and painting at this self-storage company!
While I have been away from dA and expanding my life elsewhere and gaining experience and learning new tactics, work has been so draining lately since I've been working there. De Ja Vu! :wow:
People I work with are much older than myself. Turning 24 years old these passed few weeks and having this job isn't making up for it either. The people are tricky to work with, hustling for them and making sure you go their pace and not your own is not what I had in mind for working with this company. It's emotionally unbalancing me all over again that just yesterday I went home early, not saying goodbye to anyone and just gone I was. It's unbelievable what people can do to belittle you and others, taking it out on them and you have the guilt and paranoia if you did something wrong or it was them.
Thankfully I have some people helping me out and even friends, my boyfriend and my parents backing me up on this and helping me to not feel like I should be pushed around. Some people just have no right to say what comes out of their mouth when they hear or see something out of place to them but if I had a family emergency with my father that I couldn't even be allowed to talk to him during company hours is bad then how is that affecting business? I was struck because I was yelled at like this yesterday and better yet she isn't my boss nor my own mother to be saying such cruel words to me at work.
So I hope that this following week turns out better than this week, otherwise I'll be having a hard ass time getting along with her. It's hard for me to spar back if I had to or even ignore people when I am silently judged and I'm very insecure.
In other words I would like to thank those of you who commented on my page to wish me a wonderful birthday back on the 22nd of April! :heart: I appreciate the kindness you guys do and appreciate every value of who you are. :love: it makes me feel better seeing posts on birthdays or even in general from people I have known since I've been a member of DA!


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Kelsey Clifford
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
ID Myself <3 ^^
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Just a little about myself and reality which some of you may already know...but for others, take a look..

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╚══`.¸.Photography and Nature <3

Welcome to my profile!

My name is Kelsey, I'm a 22 year old unemployed female, with a passion for nature and whom loves to take photography. I have no other advanced techniques when it comes to with DSLR in my hands. I have no rare standard of how my work is taken, just the basic camera, nothing else tweaked to the extreme of making it even more noticeable.
People have told me over the years that there were some things that I couldn't do and I have yet to prove those people wrong. Of course some people don't want you to speak the truth and often get offended either way, I got offended and discriminated due to the fact I have a disability for my lack of vision. I have been prone to not see well and to me I see perfectly fine for a specific range. My camera and tools are my eyes, I focus within a specific picture and can identify objects and mobile objects easily within my peripheral visage.

I do apologize for the recent responses I have been lacking. It was has grown on me that eventually everything piles up at once and it's hard to keep up! I do read every comment, please do not expect an individual, like myself to respond. it's appreciative that you give thanks to faving my work and that I fave and add your work to my collections. Landscapes, sunsets/sunrises, animals, macro...a lot of places catch my attention and the many categories that pieces fall into just amaze me. I have worked up the ladder since I had my phone as my first source of taking pictures, the year of 2011, Christmas holiday appeared and that's when I first got my digital camera and have used it. Then last year my brother gave me his used DSLR Nikon D3000 and that was the best upgrade I could ever be given over the years of taking photography and enjoying every moment made.

Current Residence: UpperTownship, NJ (Marmora rather)
Favourite cartoon character: Betty Boop and many others.
Personal Quote: By the time you read this you've already read it
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