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Not Doing Requests!!!
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Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been as active here- ever since dA started forcing us to use Eclipse, it's been a bit of a struggle figuring out how everything works. And honestly, I haven't really felt like taking the time to learn.

I'm not leaving dA- but I'm much more active on my MLP tumblr or Discord. I still plan on posting art here, but you can reach me much faster on the pages above rather than here (because dA's app doesn't offer notifications).

The majority of any free time I spend is still artwork focused, so I hope you enjoy what I post!

Thanks for sticking with me so far! :D

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My MLP OC Daisy Daedal

Marinette from Miraculous Ladybug

My character Glorianna Lena

Anthro Little Coyote (also my character)

A cartoon version of KelseyLeah (me)

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I’m Live Streaming Today! (May 23rd)

From 1pm-5pm Pacific time.

I’m working on stuff for Pony Prom, and may take random sketch requests at the halfway mark (3pm) if I have at least 3 people watching.

Please stop by and say hello! :)

It will be held here (sorry, Picarto users only):

P.S.- I hate Eclipse.

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First of all, I want to thank all my long-term followers that have patiently read my rules and requested from me pretty consistently. You’re the main reason this was a hard decision to make- I hate to disappoint you all. You made me feel wanted and the requests fun. THANK YOU SO MUCH! nintendolover2010 lyokian MysticMokenba3131 kaykeyser cecilartman derkman GhostWriter434 CTG22 Prismblack91 Sharper-The-Writer Envytheskunk 

Originally- and I have been thinking about this since last year- I thought I would stop taking requests after 2020. I was planning on announcing this in June, but then the outbreak happened- and my focus deceased and stress levels increased. Doing requests became more of an obligation than a fun warm-up, and I realized I wasn’t looking forward to days when I was scheduled to do one.

I find myself more and more wanting to draw my own characters rather than someone else’s- especially if they’re not from a fandom I’m a part of. And with the world going through all these big changes, I really want to devote my free time to drawing what I want to draw- because who knows what the future will bring. So like the title in this journal says, I’m no longer accepting requests here on dA.

I intend on continuing the biweekly Miraculous Ladybug Akumas, and the Monthly Animated  Icons. Since a lot of you voted for it on this poll, I may start up my MLP: Flowers of Harmony paintings again. Those of you that like my MLP OC Daisy Daedal are welcome to ask her questions- I enjoy drawing her a lot lately. But other than those things, I’ll say my updates are going to be based on when I get inspired to draw- so updates will be less consistent then they have been, sorry!

I’ll be mostly using my status updates to announce videos I make and streams- during which, I may take sketch requests for those watching. (That is probably the only place I’ll accept requests going forward.) I’m not sure what I’ll use my journal for, but I’m open to suggestions.

I am posting this on April 30th instead of May 1st because I do not like DeviantArt Eclipse, and intend on joining the protest on May 1st- May 4th and won’t check dA:…  So I’ll likely post May’s animated icon on the 5th- see you then!

Thanks again to those of you that have made the requests fun! And thank you so much if you’ve taken the time to read this entire journal. <3 See you around!

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