What Projects of mine do you like the best?
22 votes
The Miraculous Ladybug Akumas
The My Little Pony: The Flowers of Harmony Paintings
The MLP OC Daisy Daedal Ask Comics
The Monthly Animated Icons
The Original Character Content (LC's Adventures Online comics, illustrations, etc.)
The My Little Pony Fanfictions (Letters from Daisy Daedal, The Secret of The Crystal Ponies, The Last Unicorn Princess)
The Miraculous Ladybug Shipping Art
The Fan Comics (Evil Exchange Program, ML Grandmeow, etc.)
Any Fanart Content
The Crossovers

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I liked the miraculous ladybug Cats  series. Purrfect  choices. 
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I enjoy seeing you make Miraculous Ladybug Akumas projects. I really like them.
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No problem ;). Keep up the good work.