Snow in April is abominable, said Anne.

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"Like a slap in the face when you expected a kiss."

L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Ingleside

General Request Rules:

  1. You must Watch/Follow me

  2. One Request per Person, please! (But you can include a second choice in your request in case your first holiday choice is taken)

  3. Send me (via your choice of message/comment/reply) the name of ONE character, what they come from, and (preferably) ONE April holiday from this google doc

Your final request should look like this: (Character Name) from (Media) (how they celebrate holiday) on (holiday)

    4. You may tell me one way the character celebrates the holiday in one short sentence, but please avoid descriptive words and focus on verbs. (Nothing NSFW either, please)

    5. If you want me to draw your OC, you must send me a picture of them (if you haven't already).

    For OCs, your final request should look like this: (Character Name) (from -fandom name- if any)  (how they celebrate holiday) on (holiday)
If you don’t hear from me within 24 hours of your request, please re-read the rules and try again.

    7. I reserve the right to reject your request for any reason- but if you follow these rules, I probably won't. 

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Error Message - Divided By 0 by Darth-Silas

F2U AVATAR | Jyushi does a thing (animated) | OSMT  Hello! It is All Fools Day today, but trust me when I tell you I don’t feel like being tricky at the moment. I’m sure you’ve had enough being fooled anyway. But anyway, it’s a new month, so it’s a start for a bunch of new projects and holidays to celebrate- including my Birthday! 

I once again get older on the 13th of April- so if you’re an artist and would like to get me a present, I’d love to get Fan Art of my characters! It would make me really happy... :bademoticon: 

Mabel Imitating Dipper Icon Those of you that want requests- I’ve made another holiday google sheet for you here! Don’t like any holidays listed there? Monthly holidays for April I’ll also accept for any available date are:

  • Canine Fitness Month

  • Humor Month

  • Month of Hope

  • Poetry Month

  • Straw Hat Month

I’ll only be accepting requests for dates up to the 15th of April, so please don’t request dates past then. In my next journal I’ll reopen requests for the later half of the month. Silly Derpy GIF *F2U* 

Maniacal  Also- if you’re not already a member, please join my Discord! You can chat with other Fans of my art, and get notified when I update on DeviantArt, Tumblr, and Youtube! Here’s a join link:  Serena / Usagi Funny Icon 

bunneh icon1  Speaking of Youtube, I made another Speed Paint introducing another Original character of mine, so please check it out too: bunneh icon3 

llama cancan That’s all for now! Thanks for reading this update, and stay healthy! Drama Queen Dolphin 

Bodybuilder fish divider (F2U ???) by CeinElysia

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House Faith Coyote Comics (My Homepage) Paw Icon LC's Adventures Online (My Webcomic)

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Sharper-The-Writer's avatar
Heya! Is the request box still open?
kelseyleah's avatar
Yeah, it is! I just need to add the holidays for the second half of the month. I'll try to do that today or tomorrow. :)
Sharper-The-Writer's avatar
kelseyleah's avatar
All updated- if you didn’t see the announcement in my journal today. :)
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Can you draw Daisy Daedal wearing a tutu & dancing ballet for me, please?
CapricornDiem456's avatar
Why? Are requests closed?
kelseyleah's avatar
Because it's obvious you didn't read my request rules at all. That are on the top of this very journal you're commenting on. :(
lyokian's avatar
DC Villainess Poison Ivy tending to her babies (plants) for Gardening Day.
kelseyleah's avatar
Adding to queue! :)
lyokian's avatar
Thank you. :) ...that was the easiest one of these I've done, huh. XD
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kaykeyser's avatar
so many choices for so many fun holidays but the 1st one my mind jumped to was Michellee  from Green Eggs and Ham on Bean Counter's day. 
kelseyleah's avatar
Oh, a fun choice! Sadly, that day is taken. :( 2nd choice?
kaykeyser's avatar
Lucy Loud Bat Appreciation 
Ann from Harvest Moon and Farm animal day
Sapphire Shores human or pony version and Dolphin Day
if none of those, I'll use my OC Frankie on one of the other days
kelseyleah's avatar
The ones in purple are taken, so Farm Animal Day is taken. No other preferences from me. ;p
kaykeyser's avatar
How about Lucy Loud and Bats?

Also I didn't expect things to be taken so fast.  I  looked at your post on April 1st and it was still doing last month and I looked at it again and again. then as soon as I say your icon update I looked again and  posted right away.  I thought I was in early. 
kelseyleah's avatar
I wouldn't count on my Icon changing to see if I've updated- depending on my schedule I may post it several days after I've posted my journal- which I always post the first one on the 1st of the month. Remember too, that I'm on Pacific Time, so what's April First for me might not be for you?

I try to get it up as soon as I can, but it's more common for me to post between 10am-12pm PT.
kaykeyser's avatar
So any how is Lucy Loud Bat day ok?
kelseyleah's avatar
I cannot accept your request as it is.
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Gon from hunter x hunter eating cheese balls
MysticMokenba3131's avatar
Charmcaster from Ben 10 reboot eating Eggs Benedict on Eggs Benedict Day.
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Okay dokie, adding to queue. :)
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