In March the soft rains continued, and...

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...each storm waited courteously until its predecessor sunk beneath the ground.

John Steinbeck, East of Eden

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General Request Rules:

  1. You must Watch/Follow me

  2. One Request per Person, please! (But you can include a second choice in your request in case your first holiday choice is taken)

  3. Send me (via your choice of message/comment/reply) the name of ONE character, what they come from, and (preferably) ONE March holiday from this google doc 

  4. You may tell me one way the character celebrates the holiday in one short sentence, but please avoid descriptive words and focus on verbs. (Nothing NSFW either, please)

  5. If you want me to draw your OC, you must send me a picture of them (if you haven't already)

  6. If you don’t hear from me within 24 hours of your request, please re-read the rules and try again.

  7. I reserve the right to reject your request for any reason- but if you follow these rules, I probably won't. 

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Sculptor Fella (Artists) Happy Craft Month! Or is it Umbrella Month? Music in Our Schools month? Noodles Month? Sauce Month? Nutrition Month? Am I just hungry? The truth is all of those are themes for March -except me being hungry, lol- and are holidays that are allowed for requests if you don’t like any I listed in my Google Doc hereRamen 

:painter: I don’t have the entire month of holidays available, because I don’t have my work schedule for the entire month yet. I’ll add holidays once I know what it is- as it’s too hard to draw a request the same day I have to work early in the morning. So if you’d rather wait a week or so to see what holidays are available, that’s ok, too! Just keep in mind requests are still on a “first come, first serve” basis.Painter 

winged pig Last news is- if I manage to stay on schedule, other than the requests you can expect from me: 

  • Two Akuma pictures
  • The usual monthly animated Icon
  • An Illustration for this month’s Sabbot
  • Four weekly MLP comics on Tumblr
  • Two videos on Youtube
  • And a new Chapter of The Secret of the Crystal Ponies

Gif Peanut ButterHere’s hoping everything works out! :bademoticon:  

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MrLoncengKelinci's avatar
I'd ask for a request! (just watching you...) Here is it:
1. Have you watched BanG Dream! S3 Eps. 6? There, Raise A Suilen beat Roselia on a challenge by Chu2. After that, Sayo Hikawa (Gt.) was so frustated that she trained too hard.
2. Are you interested on soccer? Last night, on UCL Round of 16, Leipzig beat Tottenham 3-0 (agg. 4-0) and Tottenham was elliminated. Without Harry Kane and Son Heung-min, Spurs were powerless.
So, I want you to merge these two situations into one fanart: Sayo Hikawa in Tottenham Hotspurs away kit were defeated by Chu2 and Pareo in Leipzig home kit. (these charas are from BanG Dream!). Thank you...
kelseyleah's avatar
Hi! Thanks for watching me!
I’m sorry I don’t take requests like that- feel free to review my rules list and try again.
MrLoncengKelinci's avatar
Okay... or, just Chu2 (RAS' DJ from BanG Dream!) in Atletico Madrid or Chelsea jersey (which do you like up to you...), celebrating the victory. If you pick Atletico Madrid, I've just heard that Liverpool had been elliminated by Atleti, also in UCL Round of 16 (2-3, agg. 2-4). If you want Chelsea, they elliminated The Reds 2-0 in FA Cup 5th Round. Did you read the first situation (RAS beat Roselia)? And this fanart will merge the first situation with these Liverpool situation. Thank you...
kelseyleah's avatar
Celebrating a sports victory isn’t a holiday, if that’s what you’re talking about.

I will refer you to rule #6 as a last warning and hopefully hear from you again.
MrLoncengKelinci's avatar
1. I've read all the rules, okay...
2. I forgot to say that this year, Nyepi Holy Day will be held on March 25th (it's relative every year).
kelseyleah's avatar
My apologies- as it says this in the bulk of this Journal and not under my rules- but I was not accepting requests for the last two weeks of March since I did not have my work schedule for those days.

I have now updated it, but cannot accept a request on that day as that day will be very a busy work day for me. Again, sorry.

There are still some days available if you'd like to request another holiday. There are also some month-long holidays I mentioned in this journal if you'd rather request those for any available days of March.
MrLoncengKelinci's avatar
Okay, one question: can I take one request every month, such as: I've requested something in March here, but I can take another one in April, another in May, etc. Can I?
And, I know you're not busy on March 23th, so I want Rimi Ushigome (PoPiPa's bassist from BanG Dream!) celebrating Puppy Day. (3/23 is also her birthday...) Rimi is petting a puppy. Okay, please accept this...
kelseyleah's avatar
Yesh, you are capable of having one request a month- as long as they follow the request rules. :)

Your request counts as two characters rather than one, so I can't accept it- sorry.
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MrLoncengKelinci's avatar
If you say so, I've got a holiday for you. An Indonesian holiday called Nyepi day or Saka (Hindu year) New Year 1942? In Indonesia, it's a holiday. I don't know what is Nyepi (because I'm not a Hindu person).
For this request: Aya Maruyama (Pastel*Palletes vocalist from BanG Dream!) or Koharu Hondomachi (ID:Invaded) in Balinese traditional clothes. She's doing anything related to Nyepi day. For more info about Nyepi day or Saka New Year, please search on Google. Thank you...
derkman's avatar
Hi, did you saw my comment?
kelseyleah's avatar
Rule #6. Popover day is now taken, sorry.
derkman's avatar
Lacy oatmeal cookies?
derkman's avatar
I didn't ask for march
kelseyleah's avatar
The holidays all take place during March!!!

Listen- all official non-OC requests should look like something like this:

(Character) from (media) (how they celebrate holiday)

So I can easily copy-paste on to the schedule, please. That's how they're going to be for this entire year.

I will ignore requests that don't follow it.
derkman's avatar
Ok i understand now
lyokian's avatar
Could someone pack their lunch with a blueberry popover? And how well might you know/recall Sailor Mercury aka Ami Mizuno?
kelseyleah's avatar
Honey, Sailor Moon was my first anime, and when I read the manga I figured out my dream was to make comics for a living. =D
You’re gonna have to be more straightforward if you want a request, though. ;p
lyokian's avatar
I was thinking Ami packing a bento for Pack Your Lunch Day, and if thought that part of that lunch could've been a blueberry popover.
kelseyleah's avatar
One holiday only.
lyokian's avatar
Then we'll stick with Pack your Lunch Day.
kelseyleah's avatar
(Character) from (show) (how they celebrate holiday) so I can easily copy-paste, please.
lyokian's avatar
Ami Mizuno from Sailor Moon packing a bento for Pack Your Lunch Day.
kelseyleah's avatar
Adding to queue! Should be cute! :)

I enjoy discussing with you what you're thinking of for your requests, but please use this format for your finalized requests going forward. Thank you for putting up with me! :D
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