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By kelseyleah

First of all, I want to thank all my long-term followers that have patiently read my rules and requested from me pretty consistently. You’re the main reason this was a hard decision to make- I hate to disappoint you all. You made me feel wanted and the requests fun. THANK YOU SO MUCH! nintendolover2010 lyokian MysticMokenba3131 kaykeyser cecilartman derkman GhostWriter434 CTG22 Prismblack91 Sharper-The-Writer Envytheskunk 

Originally- and I have been thinking about this since last year- I thought I would stop taking requests after 2020. I was planning on announcing this in June, but then the outbreak happened- and my focus deceased and stress levels increased. Doing requests became more of an obligation than a fun warm-up, and I realized I wasn’t looking forward to days when I was scheduled to do one.

I find myself more and more wanting to draw my own characters rather than someone else’s- especially if they’re not from a fandom I’m a part of. And with the world going through all these big changes, I really want to devote my free time to drawing what I want to draw- because who knows what the future will bring. So like the title in this journal says, I’m no longer accepting requests here on dA.

I intend on continuing the biweekly Miraculous Ladybug Akumas, and the Monthly Animated  Icons. Since a lot of you voted for it on this poll, I may start up my MLP: Flowers of Harmony paintings again. Those of you that like my MLP OC Daisy Daedal are welcome to ask her questions- I enjoy drawing her a lot lately. But other than those things, I’ll say my updates are going to be based on when I get inspired to draw- so updates will be less consistent then they have been, sorry!

I’ll be mostly using my status updates to announce videos I make and streams- during which, I may take sketch requests for those watching. (That is probably the only place I’ll accept requests going forward.) I’m not sure what I’ll use my journal for, but I’m open to suggestions.

I am posting this on April 30th instead of May 1st because I do not like DeviantArt Eclipse, and intend on joining the protest on May 1st- May 4th and won’t check dA: www.deviantart.com/howl-n-hart…  So I’ll likely post May’s animated icon on the 5th- see you then!

Thanks again to those of you that have made the requests fun! And thank you so much if you’ve taken the time to read this entire journal. <3 See you around!

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Block me, please.

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If you feel so strongly about that do it yourself. I don’t think you’ve done anything worth blocking.
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Your welcome kelseyleah! Hug 

I understanding your decision you come along way to reach your expectation of drawing to improve your art skills! :D (Big Grin) 

And you did outstanding job for doing this because your inspiration getting this far.

I know This becoming harsh what's going on in the real world. :(

If your planning a different path you want to take and form a new goal go for it! :) (Smile) 

Just makes sure we always have you back and if ever want to to talk to us. Airborne 

Thanks for letting us know about this I hope you can do your best in the future! #1 
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I’m not going anywhere- just not doing requests.

My dreams and goals are still the same- I’m just giving myself more time to work on them.
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That allright your reasons are understandable and i respect your decision Parappa Icon 5 
kelseyleah's avatar
Thank you derkman! :)
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its kind of sad. you were the only person I knew would 100% take a request and make me some thing every month and I looked forward to it. Even last night I was already hyped for today. 

but you do what you have to do.

I fully understand how not fun it is to draw a character from a fandom that not only are you not a fan of but that you have never heard of before.  Though I did enjoy challenging you with the most obscure characters I could think of. 

I have gotten a lot of odd-ball requests for weird stuff I just did not want to draw and have had to set rules. and these days Im so in to Animal crossing I hardly draw at all now. just no time. 

but with out Animal crossing I feel this outbreak would have had me drawing more because it would have given me more free time.

but I also know that free time doesn't always come with the emotional state you need to do what you enjoy.

Some thing I enjoy is coming to an end and my "Some one mentioned you in a comment" notifications are going to basically completely stop.  a lot of the other request takers are either very infrequent or have reasons not to take my requests, its just not going to happen nearly as often now.  and Im sad.

but I want you to be happy and healthy, so do what you need to do. and try to enjoy life. 
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Thanks Kaykeyser! I enjoyed the obscure character requests too- and hearing from you in my comments. ^_^

I imagine it isn’t consistent the amount of people that take requests. Artists that want their art to be more than a hobby may not be able to afford to spend the time to do so- which is one of the reasons I was thinking of ending the requests this year.

I have a lot of stories of my own I want to tell. I don’t want to regret not working on them because I spent almost all of my free time pleasing others- no matter how kind you all are, and worried I am that I’ll loose you.

I’ll still be around to chat and talk about art if you want. :)
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I understand how you feel. It's your choice and you can draw anything that your heart desires to. :iconaawplz:
kelseyleah's avatar
Thank you nintendolover2010! I’ll miss your thank you hugs. ^-^ Hope to still see you in my notifications. :)
nintendolover2010's avatar
I hope to see you again soon. Hug 
Sharper-The-Writer's avatar

I also respect your decision as well to not do the requests as well due to the "thing-that-shall-not-be-named". It was fun while it lasted. :)

kelseyleah's avatar
Thank you! :D Feel free to chat with me anytime, Sharper! :)
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Indeed your mental health comes first, I respect your decision, and I'll definitely will still watch you regardless of whether you take requests anymore or not. You've been a great pal and I enjoyed seeing you grow as an artist. I look forward to whatever original art you create next.
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Thank you Envy! I'm sorry I forgot to add you my first pass of thank yous - I fixed it!
I really appreciate the bond we've forged and I hope we continue to chat. :D
Envytheskunk's avatar
You're welcome very much! That's okay, I appreciate you adding me in after the fact though.

Me too! It's a shame that I haven't talk to you as much as I would have liked lately. However, I finally have a discord account now because I wanted to join a Hey Arnold server as well as the Brony DND server. 

So I have another option to converse with you if Discord is more convenient than Tumblr.
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Indeed your mental health comes first, I respect your decision, and I'll definitely will still watch you regardless of whether you take requests anymore or not. You've been a great pal and I enjoyed seeing you grow as an artist. I look forward to whatever original art you create next.
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