The Secret of the Crystal Ponies: Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Fluttershy heard someone calling her from far away. Thinking it was probably a dream, Fluttershy tried to turn in her sleep, only to find she couldn't move.

    “Hairy, could you please move a little?” Fluttershy muttered, thinking she'd been trapped under her bear friend again. He'd been having far too many nightmares lately- which despite not having much room in her small bed- made her want to comfort the bear.

    Yet the pressure was cold and rough instead of the bear’s warm and fuzzy body. Her eyelids flickered open, but she still couldn’t see a hoof in front of her face. Panic began to settle in as the yellow Pegasus realized she wasn’t back in her safe cottage- she was covered in a mound of dirt so dense that she could move, lost somewhere under the Crystal Empire.

    She cried, uncertain what to do, when she heard her name being called again. So she hadn't been dreaming before!

    “Fluttershy? Twilight”? Rainbow Dash called, her raspy voice a joyous sound to Fluttershy's ears.  

    “Rainbow! Help!” She yelled somewhat softly, cursing that she couldn't speak loudly when she needed to.

    “Fluttershy? Is that you?”

    Fluttershy coughed in response, and soon felt Rainbow Dash's warm hoof touching her head.

    “Aha! There you are, Shy! Feels like you're trapped in the dirt. Can you stick out your forehooves? I'm going to yank you out.”

    “I'll try…” Fluttershy promised, and little by little she wriggled them while Dash dug around her friend’s head to loosen it from the dirt mound. Together they managed to free Fluttershy’s arms. Getting the rest of Fluttershy out was harder, though. Since she had her hooves free, Fluttershy tried to help Rainbow move dirt away from her body. But often the Cyan pegasus would get impatient and try a good hard yank to no avail.

    After sixteen yanks and maybe an hour of digging, Fluttershy was free. She stretched out or legs, trying to brush the dirt off of her body as Rainbow Dash fidgeted.

    “I found a place with some light before I found you. We can look more closely at your body there, see if you’re seriously hurt,” Rainbow Dash explained.

    Grabbing Fluttershy’s hoof, the two mares slowly trotted it out the tunnel, feeling the dirt wall to keep going in the right direction. Before realizing why, Fluttershy began to make out shapes around her, until there was enough light to see each other. When they reached close to a mouth of a cave, Rainbow Dash stood in front of Fluttershy and had her sit down before they got any closer to it.

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    “Alright, let’s have a look at you,” she commanded, investigating Fluttershy’s limbs.

    “You must have hurt yourself, too,” Fluttershy pointed out, returning the favor. They had a few cuts and bruises hear and their, but nothing too serious.

    “Have you seen any of the others?” Fluttershy asked worriedly.

    “Nope, you're the only Pony I found,” Rainbow Dash replied with a sigh. “But I did find something else! Come on!” Rainbow Dash flew towards the source of the light, and Fluttershy scrambled to follow, not wanting to be left alone in the dark.

    When she stood besides Rainbow Dash at the cave entrance, the drop below the ponies made Fluttershy’s heart beat faster, and she stepped backwards.

    “We can fly, remember?” Rainbow chuckled. “Forget the height and look!”

    Fluttershy hesitantly stepped forward to the cliff’s edge, wary of falling, and looked down to where the cyan mare was pointing.

    Hollowed out from the steep cliffside across the way from them was a fortress many stories high, lit up seemingly by fire torches on every door and window. Without the light, Fluttershy doubted she would have seen it.

     “I got close enough to peek in a window, and that place is swarming with Diamond Dogs!” Rainbow Dash said excitedly.

     “Oh my!” Fluttershy gasped, and backed away from the edge again. “What if they see us?”

    “From way up here? I doubt it. Anyway, I bet if we fused, we’d get ultra cool powers that could take out every creature in that whole building!”

    “Why would we want to do that? That sounds dangerous! It would be safer to stay here so our friends can come find us.”

    “And how do you expect them to find us? This place is huge! When you're lost, you send out a rescue flare, right? There isn't even the sky down here, so we gotta make as much noise as possible so they can find us!”

    “But the Diamond Dogs-”

     “-hey, what better way to make noise than to mess with them? Come on,  Fluttershy, let's do this!” Rainbow Dash declared, playfully hitting her hip to her friends. Fluttershy forced a smile, but was deeply scared. She remembered the pressure and oxygen-limited feeling when the shadow creatures from before covered her. Rainbow Dash hadn't been able to rescue herself then- how could she rescue them both now?”

    “We fuse by dancing, right? Let's do this!”

    Rainbow Dash made her own music by imitating a guitar with her voice, then flew circles around Fluttershy, occasionally stopping to thrash her mane about. Fluttershy stiffly swayed in place, in no way staying on beat with her friend.

    The cyan mane pantomimed one last guitar riff, and at the moment of Dashie's last beat, lifted a hoof towards Fluttershy. Too late, Fluttershy realized Rainbow meant for her to slap Rainbow’s hoof with her own. With the force of a kitten, she tapped the hoof in question, letting out a tiny,


    TSoTCP Ch3 Pic2 by kelseyleah

    Rainbow Dash stared at her friend incredulously.

    “Are you even trying?”


    Fluttershy regretted that she had disappointed her friend, but wasn’t disappointed that the fusion had failed. In addition to her worries that they couldn’t handle what was down there, the idea of becoming some warrior to attack creatures she didn't know for sure were hostile seemed violent and cruel. Before she can explain herself, a female, terror-stricken voice screamed:


    Rainbow Dash shot towards the building below without questioning it, and Fluttershy-not wanting to be alone- could only helplessly trail after her friend. In the air they peered into window after window, until Fluttershy found what they were looking for. Gesturing Rainbow over, she held the cyan mare back from racing into the window, silently suggesting they stay quiet.

    “Don't do this! I'll give you whatever you want: my art, my vegetables, my Camp Pining Hearts DVDs, anything!”

    A petite yellow-green Crystal Pony mare with short yellow hair struggled in the grip of a couple of armored Diamond Dogs. As Fluttershy scanned the sparse stone room that really only had a lamp on the ceiling and a lone chair with straps on it, she spotted a blue figure standing in the shadows deeper into the room. It stood on time legs, it's upper lean body hunched forward so as not to hit the ceiling. Large bat-like wings wrapped around its body, but even without seeing it clearly, Fluttershy knew what it was: another Diamond dog-Pony Fusion.

    Fluttershy saw the anger on Rainbow Dash’s face, and as she watched her friend’s body tense she put a hoof on Rainbow’s shoulder in warning. Guardian Aria barely match the first Diamond Dog pony fusion they saw in battle - how were mares not trained to fight supposed to face that and however many Diamond dogs were around?

    “I have the crystal seeds!” A squeaky voice called from further inside the building.  The owner of the voice shortly walked into the room. She was a skinny Diamond dog that that about a third of the size of the other Diamond Dogs in the room, yet she spoke loudly with authority.

    TSoTCP Ch3 Pic3 by kelseyleah

    “You haven't secured the pony yet?” She yapped. In response the Diamond Dog Guards quickly shoved the mare into the chair. One of the guards tried to hold the thrashing mare down while the other attempted to buckle the straps around her limbs.

     “You don't want me!” the captive mare pleaded. “I'm just a programmer! There are much stronger ponies to use if you want to make a warrior!”

    “My boss has all the muscle-bound idiots she needs,” the Diamond dog replied.

     “That's mean, Petra!” One the Diamond dog guards protested.

    “Present company excluded, of course,” Petra replied in a growl that seemed to imply she didn't mean it. The Diamond dogs seemed pacified by it, though.  “Anyway, I need a pony partner that can match my intelligence to help the boss strategize against Guardian Aria. So why don’t you join us?”

    “Are you kidding me? My friends would kill me if I betrayed the Royals,” the mare spat in reply.

    “They're not here to help you out - do they even care?”

    “Of course they care!  They're just stupid clods that got taken before me.”

    “Then why fight it if you have no one?”

    “Steller Quartz isn’t in your stupid paws! He needs me way more than you clods do. He's just a colt - he’d get in trouble without me,” the mare replied with a smirk.

    “Peridot Puzzle.” The fusion in the background stepped into the light, addressing the crystal pony. The lime-green Pony gazed up at the fusion- surprise, misery, and then fear flashing across her face.

    “LAPIS you CLOD! Fight this!” Peridot demanded.

    “My name is Blue Rue,” the fusion replied with no emotion.

“Buck that!  You said you needed space, but I never thought you'd betray Stellar Quartz!”

    “He's safer without me,” Blue Rue muttered, a single tear escaping from her indifferent mask.

    “No!” Petra barked, interrupting the two arguing. “The crystal ponies are part of a losing battle.  This Stellar Quartz would be safest with us, rather than shattered on the battlefield- am I right?”

    “Yes Beta,” Blue Rue replied, her eyes glazing over. Peridot Puzzle glared at the Diamond dog, crying angry tears.

    “I'll never help you Clods!” She declared.

     Petra gave the crystal pony a toothy grin, lifting a shiny gem-like seed towards the pony.

    “Not willingly, anyway.”

     As the Diamond dog moved the seed closer to the Crystal Pony, Fluttershy hid her face in Rainbow Dash's shoulder, not wanting to witness what would become of Peridot Puzzle. She was startled, though, when her Pegasus friend lightly pushed her away.

    “I'm sorry Fluttershy. Run!”

    Before Fluttershy could reply, a trail of rainbow light was all that was left of the cyan mare. Fluttershy heard angry yips, and looked into the window to see Rainbow Dash struggling with Petra, attempting to keep the seed away from the crystal Pony.

    “Blue Rue!  Get this oaf off me!” Petra barked.

    “You're not alone, Peridot Puzzle!” Rainbow Dash shouted while trying to pin the small Diamond dog to the ground. “Don't let them control you!”

    Blue Rue gilded forward towards Rainbow like water spilling out of an overflowing glass. Fluttershy wanted to run away like Rainbow had told her, but even more scary than the creatures inside was the idea that she could lose her friend.

    Taking a big breath, she leapt into the window and yelled,

    “NO! BAD DOGS! SIT!”

    Under her Fierce gaze,  the Diamond Dogs unconsciously obeyed,  sitting on the ground in unison. The fusion tilted her head in confusion, not sitting nor moving to help as she had before. As Fluttershy strained to not let her fear show, Rainbow Dash left over to Peridot Puzzle and pulled her away from the two diamond dog guards that held her.

    “Who are you ponies?” Peridot gasped.

    “Some new friends,” Rainbow declared, scooping up the crystal pony into a princess carry.

    “No! What are we doing?” Petra barked, the movement of the ponies bringing Petra out of her trance. As Rainbow Dash rushed herself and Peridot back towards the window, the Diamond dogs leapt back onto their paws.

    “Get them! Petra yelled. The pegasai each grabbed one of Peridot’s upper arms, leapt out of the window, and together lifted Peridot Puzzle high into the air. Fluttershy strained with the weight, wishing not for the first time that she was a stronger flier.

    “There's no way you two can escape while carrying me- you should just drop me,” Peridot declared, resigned.

    “No way! We're getting you out of here!” Rainbow Dash argued. Fluttershy nodded in agreement, too winded to speak.

    “And besides, Diamond Dogs can't fly!” Rainbow Dash added. With a thought, Fluttershy gazed down at the window they’d escaped from that was getting smaller with the distance.

    “Rainbow, aren't you forgetting someone?” Fluttershy squeaked, seeing Blue Rue stick her body out of the window. Standing on the window’s edge, Blue Rue uncoiled the blue bat wings that had been coiled around her body. She then leapt into the air,  pumping her wings as she flew in a straight line towards them.

    “No way!” Rainbow Dash yelped upon seeing the fusion for herself. She pumped her wings harder, almost pulling both Peridot and Fluttershy to keep their lead off of the fusion.  Fluttershy fruitlessly thrust her wings harder, but knew she wasn't a strong flyer as her friend. They were only getting tried, and Blue Rue was gaining on them.

    “We're doomed!” Peridot cried.

    “We can do this!” Rainbow Dash spat.

    “This is hopeless! If we're all caught, no pony will be able to rescue me.” Peridot Puzzle whined. With determined tears in her eyes, she began to squirm in their grip.

    “Stop it!” Rainbow yelled. Fluttershy felt the crystal pony slip from her grip. She rocketed forward with the force of the sudden weight lost, and only after she managed to turn back around did she witness Rainbow lose her grip, too.

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     Peridot Puzzle fell on the fusion only Wing beats behind them.

    “PERIDOT!” Fluttershy screeched as the crystal Pony struggled on top of the fusion, grasping at Blue Rue’s wings and making it difficult for her to fly. Rainbow Dash flew up towards Fluttershy, yanking her as she passed. They flew away from the Diamond Dogs and up towards the cave they started in.

    “We gotta regroup!” Rainbow Dash explained. Fluttershy felt sick. She tried not to listen to the cries below her as the two pegasi slipped into the cave entrance out of sight.

    Rainbow Dash paced back and forth when they landed, sweating and muttering, uncertainty unmistakable on her face. Fluttershy watched as she caught her breath, uncertain how to calm her friend. After a couple of feverious minutes, Rainbow Dash whirled around and complained:

     “I'm not Twilight, I just do things. Twilight's the planner.”

    “But could we even do anything if Twilight was here?” Fluttershy replied. “We’re lost and outnumbered even with all six of us who fell, not to mention the Diamond Dogs must know their way around here better than we do.”

    “I just wanted to save that poor Pony. Instead she probably got really hurt and I revealed us to the Diamond Dogs! It’s only a matter of time before they find us.”

    “But you gave her hope- maybe that'll be enough to stop a forced Fusion.”

    Rainbow Dash nodded, but still hung her head in misery. It scared Fluttershy to see her otherwise confident friend acting this way. She wanted nothing more than to bring hope back to her friend. Maybe their odds were against them, but Fluttershy could only think of one thing that had saved them before when they had been in the sewers.

    During Fluttershy's brief time as a model, Photo Finish had signed her up for ballet lessons to quote “straighten her body and give her a better balance”. Caring for Animals didn't really involve dancing, but she had to use for it now.

    Fluttershy stood up straight, and slowly lifted all but one back leg from the floor, arching her back and stretching her three other legs out gracefully.

    “Rainbow, dance with me!” Fluttershy insisted, leaning her upper body down so a hoof extended towards her friend.

    “Fluttershy?” Rainbow asked, looking uncertain. Fluttershy leaned back, bringing both of her arms above her head and began to turn on her sole hoof on the ground. When she was completely facing away from Dash, she leapt. Letting her wings keep her in the air a moment longer, she spun in midair and landed on her other back leg, once again facing Rainbow Dash.

    “We have to do something,” Fluttershy declared. “So let's try fusing.”

    Rainbow Dash's expression turned determined. She rolled onto her back, then rolled forward, using the momentum to stand up on her back legs. Rainbow then dropped to her front legs, and bucked out her back legs the instant her front legs touched the ground. When all four of her back legs were back on the ground, she popped her head twice, then launched yourself into the air.

    In response, Fluttershy took three leaping steps on her back legs before launching into the air past Rainbow. The two pegasi somersaulted backwards, turning their bodies so they were facing each other upside down. They reached for each other, nearly touching their fore hooves together when they both somersaulted backwards, laughing playfully. As their bodies arched back towards their friend, they shared a smile, noticing the light engulfing each other as they finally held hooves.

    The fusion opened her eyes for the first time, unsteady but amused by her near fall. It was dark in the cave she was hiding in, but she still twisted about to get a better look at herself. Six legs, tealish fur, four wings resembling a dragonfly’s. In her head she had two sets of memory that seemed more like a movie she'd watched rather than her own experiences: this Fusion was something new.

    Pondering the situation she found herself in, she wondered out loud,

    “What should I do next?”

    A smaller version of herself wearing a red suit and horns appeared on her left shoulder. She replied,

    “We don't really know those crystal ponies. Let’s ditch ‘em and go find Twilight and the gang!”

    Another small version of herself in a white gown and a Halo appeared on the fusion’s right shoulder.

    “That isn't very nice.” the  angel mare said.

    “Then what do you think we should do? Surrender? Hide?” The devil mare said with a sneer.

    “Princess Twilight would want us to befriend the Diamond Dogs.” the angel mare argued.

    “Princess Twilight can do it herself when we find her!”

    “You both make good points, but I don't think Twilight would want us to abandon Peridot Puzzle,” the fusion argued with her smaller selves.

     “But look, I could do this,” the tiny devil mare said as she did a backflip onto a one-armed hoof stand.

    “I don't see what this -” the fusion started to say, but the angel mare interrupted.

    “-She has a point,” she said, applauding the devil mare’s acrobatics.

    “You're supposed to help me, not make me confused,” the fusion complained.

    “Of course you're confused- you don't even know your name,” the devil mare teased.

    “I do too! It's Debonair Shadow,” the fusion declared, smiling.

    The shoulder guides popped out of existence when the idea came to her: she would sneak back and try to rescue Peridot unseen. As the word “unseen” entered her mind, Debonair’ hooves disappeared- she couldn't see any part of her body, in fact. With a confident smile, she hugged the sides of the cave before slipping out of it, gracefully gliding through the air towards the settlement below.

    TSoTCP Ch3 Pic5 by kelseyleah

    Although the ground was still too far away to see, the city in the wall was a bee's nest of activity. Diamond Dogs in armor paced the ledges in large numbers. All the windows were lit up, silhouettes of figures clearly moving about inside. Debonair Shadow had her work cut out for her, but her power made her confident.

    Quietly humming a spy tune to herself, she pressed her body close to the building she had last seen Peridot Puzzle. The windows - if you could call holes carved into stone walls without even a shutter “windows”- all looked uniform and it was hard to tell where exactly D.S.’s  unfused selves had been before. As neither Peridot Puzzle or Petra seem to be making noise at the moment, it was hard to say where they were.

    So, Debonair Shadow decided she’d better just enter and look for the crystal pony. She peered inside windows to if there was any unoccupied rooms, and after five of them found an empty corridor. In spite of being larger than the average Pony with extra wings and legs, she managed to slip into the window, only to hear the sound of armor clanking- a guard’s approach.

    Debonair scrambled to her hooves as quietly as she was able, and turned to run down the opposite corridor- but another guard was coming that way, too. She pressed against the wall, hoping she hadn't imagined being invisible, and held her breath.

    The two armored Diamond Dogs past each other in front of her, truly seeming to not notice her. She sighed- and the guards turned towards her.

    “You hear that?” The Right Guard asked.

    “That wasn't you?” The left guard answered. As the guards sniffed the air, Debonair Shadow somehow managed to launch herself into the air against the ceiling without touching the Diamond Dogs near her.

    TSoTCP Ch3 Pic6 by kelseyleah

    “Did you feel that breeze?”

    “These caves are awfully drafty.”

    “What if it's a ghost?”

    “You knucklehead! There's no such thing.”

     The high-pitched laughter of Petra in the distance interrupted their conversation, and the Diamond dog guards’ ears went flat when they heard it.

    “No point in being afraid of something you're not sure is there, when the real terror is just in the next room.” the guard whispered to his colleague.

    Although the ceiling was high enough that Debonair had space to move above the guards heads, there wasn't too much room to beat her wings so that she could stay above them. Pressing her back legs against the wall beneath her, she spread her body as flat as she could and glided over the dogs, barely avoiding being scratched by the points of the spears they carried.

    She landed near the door from which the direction of Petra’s laughter came from, then after a few seconds pondering if she could avoid making noise just burst through it, enlisting surprised yelps from the guards behind her.


    “Let’s get out of here!”

    Debonair dove through the door, and a chill ran up her spine as she saw what it opened up to: a hallway lined with iron barred cells. She sped walked through it, peering into each cell with the hope that Petra might be in one. Not one currently held a prisoner, but the occasional bright colored piece of fur or hair unsettled the fusion. Ponies were here once.

    The laugh repeated, followed by muffled words Debonair heard through the door at the end of the hallway. Whatever Petra was happy about, Debonair was sure it wasn’t good- and she likely didn’t have much time to stop it. Cantering down the last few yards of the hallway, Debonair smacked the door open with four of her six hooves, nearly knocking it off it’s hinges.


     The second the door was opened, she regretted doing so. Although sure was certain to outsiders it looked as though a gust of wind slammed the door open, every eye in the room stared in their direction, suspicions aroused.

    The room looked somewhat like a lab, with bookshelves against the far wall, a sink, and a large table against the left wall. The table was a chaos mess of beakers filled with unknown substances, papers, and other scientific tools. Petra was standing next to the chair that held the unconscious Peridot Puzzle against a right wall that was covered in knives. Blue Rue seemed to be reading a book next to a bookshelf, disinterested with what the Diamond Dog was doing.

    Petra sniffed the air once, and her eyes widened in alarm. With amazing speed, she whipped out the crystal seed from earlier and stuffed it down the pony’s throat. Debonair was too late.

    “NO!” Debonair Shadow rushed forward, desperate to do something to help, but found herself stepping into a sphere of water, making her moments slow like she was moving through molasses. The water, as if sensing her presence, moved around her body and revealed Debonair’s silhouette.  Petra laughed again.

    “You may as well drop your disguise, pony fusion. Blue Rue is controlling the water around you, and she can make it very hard to breathe.”

    “Not gonna,” Debonair declared, and she bounded away from the flying water, moving towards Peridot. The water traveled quickly after her, lapping Debonair’s heels. As Debonair reached forward to seize Peridot, the mare herself slapped Debonair’s hooves away. The fusion looked at Peridot’s face, and saw that she was still unconscious. Her body moved puppet like as she stood up and mirrored Petra's movements as the Diamond dog stepped backward.

    Debonair felt water slide over her head like a hood, and she couldn't breathe. She tried to shake it off, but had her movements restricted as Blue Rue tackled Debonair to the ground.

     The water dissipated, and Debonair could only watch as Petra danced stiffly, popping and locking like a robot out of a  sci-fi novel. Peridot Puzzle’s limp body mirrored Petra's exactly, and Debonair was horrified when their bodies both began to glow a sickly yellow. Debonair tried to jerk free, but found herself unable before Peridot Puzzle and Petra ended their dance, engulfing them both in the sickening light.

     What formed seemed more half praying mantis than pony. The olive green being was almost skeletally slender. The lower torso that had four legs, and upper torso that had two. It didn't have wings, but its ears seem to take up half of its head behind even more prominent bug eyes. Debonair Shadow was a head taller than the fusion,  but it's size didn't take away from his confidence.

    “I am Lime Stone,” the fusion declared. “You're outnumbered and overpowered. Surrender!”

    Debonair’s eyes watered a little, but her mouth formed a grim line.

    “It's not very nice to steal ponies and force them to do your bidding.”

     “We're not trying to be nice-  this is tactics for war!”

    “Well there's no way I'm giving up, because my friends need me. And my friends need me because I never give up. With the power of friendship, will always rely on each othe-”

    “Enough! Since you won't cooperate with us, I think we need to separate you.” Lime Stone took a knife of off the wall, and stepped towards Debonair Shadow. Debonair cursed- what good was being invisible if she couldn't defend herself? That thought took away her invisibility, and she cursed again.

    Realizing that she had yet to test all she could do as a fusion, she struggled in Blue Rue’s grip, hoping she could activate some hidden power to get out of the situation.

    Lime Stone, mere inches away now, lifted the knife over her head. Debonair winced, but almost instantly after felt her body go limp. Suddenly, she was looking down at Lime Stone stabbing Debonair’s body. But the moment the blade touched the Devonair below, all the colors on the pony fusion flew away like smoke, leaving empty space where Debonair used to be.

    TSoTCP Ch3 Pic7 by kelseyleah

    “WHERE DID SHE GO?” Lime Stone screeched. “Find her!” she ordered Blue Rue. Debonair huddled against her spot on the ceiling, waiting as the two Diamond dog fusions left the room.

    “She can run, but she can't hide for long!”

    “It was some sort of cool afterimage spell,” Debonair whispered to herself. “I wonder how I did it.”

    Debonair slowly floated to the floor, careful not to make a sound as her hooves touched the ground. Of course this room had no windows for Debonair to fly out of. Focusing her power to make sure she was invisible again, she peered down the open door that had been hastily left open, opposite the way she’d come in. The hallway was eerily empty, but in the distance she heard the Diamond Dogs rushing about, yelling and searching for her.

    She flew upwards and hugged the ceiling, gliding down the hallway towards a closed door at the end of it. As she pondered if opening it would call unwanted attention to herself, the door itself nearly hit her nose as it slammed open. Debonair froze as Diamond Dogs raced in the hallway below her, thankfully not noticing her by scent as they headed to the room she'd been in.

     Peering out the doorway to make sure the coast is clear, she rushed into a room with bunk beds lining one long wall, with chests of belongings at the end of each bunk, and lanterns hanging from the ceiling between each bed. On the wall opposite the beds was a whole row of evenly spaced Windows, many covered in curtains.

    Debonair headed for the nearest uncovered window. When peering out showed no creature looking at her, she slipped out, soaring into the air. Relief washed over Debonair - she'd escaped!

    Only then did she hear Rarity’s scream from far above her.

    To be continued...

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Surrounded by her smiling and laughing friends in the midst of a crowded train car, Princess Twilight Sparkle was lost in her own thoughts. Twilight and her friends Spike, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie had been invited to an exclusive ball at the Crystal Empire that previously only the Crystal Ponies had been allowed to attend.
    The former Elements of Harmony and the “great hero” Spike had been given special permission to attend, and that was due to a letter from Twilight’s brother, Shining Armor, asking for her and her friends’ help with something possibly dangerous happening in the Empire. It was unknown how long they’d need to stay to solve it, but not knowing what the trouble was left Twilight metaphorica
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“Go to sleep!” the little dragon insisted.
“But what if I over think fusing when we practice tomorrow?” She asked, voicing her thoughts.
“You do realize how ironic that statement is, right?” Spike replied with a groan. He turned on the bedside lamp, his expression one of surrender. “Is it really that hard not to over…” Spike trailed off as he met Twilight’s eyes, and together they remembered the mare’s personality. “Anyway, losing sleep is going to make it hard to do anything tomorrow. Why

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Is Stellar Quartz based on Steven?
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Yes! Good Catch. Ponies don't tend to have human names, so I gave him something more ponish. Thanks for reading this!

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You’re welcome. I’m waiting for more chapters.
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I've been having a little writer's block with this story- but knowing that someone wants to read more makes me want to get back to it! :D

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That's good, because it's very interesting.