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MLP Flowers of Harmony -The Apple Family

MLP Flowers of Harmony- Mane Six
Rainbow Dash:
Pinkie Pie:
Fluttershy: MLP Flowers of Harmony - Kindness
MLP Flowers of Harmony - Luna and Celestia
MLP Flowers Of Harmony - Cutie Mark Crusaders
MLP Flowers of Harmony- The Princesses
Cadence: MLP Flowers of Harmony - Love
MLP Flowers of Harmony - Spike
MLP Flowers of Harmony- Whooves Duo
Lyra & Bon Bon: MLP Flowers of Harmony - Sweet Ingenuity
MLP Flowers of Harmony - Big Mac - Endurance
Sunset Shimmer: MLP Flowers of Harmony - Bonds
MLP Flowers of Harmony - Night Glider - Rebirth
MLP Flowers of Harmony - Discord - Absurdity
Starlight Glimmer: MLP Flowers of Harmony - Resolution
MLP Flowers of Harmony- Cheese Sandwich - Joy
MLP Flowers of Harmony - Flower Pony Trio
MLP Flowers of Harmony- Carrot and Cup Cake
Daring Do: MLP Flowers of Harmony - Dangerous Pleasures

This is the 20th of my series designing dresses for ponies with a flower theme. Finished with the mane six, this time I choose the flowers based on the flora's meaning closest to the main theme of the The Apple Family, with keeping what colors suited each pony best in mind. Most of these are re-draws, but I added in Granny Smith- plus I added one more flower to connect the theme and make it more like a bouquet-  Apple Blossoms, which mean hope, good fortune, preference, heady love, peace, sensuality, and fertility.

Crying Big Macintosh Big Mac's flower is the Prickly-Pear Cactus flower, which language of flowers means endurance, warmth, and protection.
Granny Smith (nope) plz Granny Smith's flower is the Pomegranate blossom, which means mature elegance, abundance, fertility, prosperity, and good luck.
  Apple Jack's Element is Honesty, so her dress is based on the Daffodil- which In the language of flowers means honesty, truth, faith, forgiveness, and forthrightness. (You'll notice I updated the dress a little.)
Applebloom (cute eye) plz Applebloom- Freesia means friendship, innocence, thoughtfulness, perseverance and being high-spirited.
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I read that a flower called honesty means..well.. Honesty. The daffodil means contentment.
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I love how you've been choosing the flowers for each Pony <3 plus you improved so much ever since you started off the Flowers of Harmony series!
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Thank you! Kisa-Koufuku - Nya :3