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MLP Flowers of Harmony - Flower Pony Trio

MLP Flowers of Harmony- Mane Six
Rainbow Dash:
Pinkie Pie:
Fluttershy: MLP Flowers of Harmony - Kindness
MLP Flowers of Harmony - Luna and Celestia
MLP Flowers Of Harmony - Cutie Mark Crusaders
Cadence: MLP Flowers of Harmony - Love
MLP Flowers of Harmony - Spike
MLP Flowers of Harmony- Whooves Duo
Bon Bon & Lyra: MLP Flowers of Harmony - Sweet Ingenuity
MLP Flowers of Harmony - Big Mac - Endurance
MLP Flowers of Harmony - Night Glider - Rebirth
Sunset Shimmer: MLP Flowers of Harmony - Bonds
MLP Flowers of Harmony - Discord - Absurdity
MLP Flowers of Harmony -The Apple Family
Starlight Glimmer: MLP Flowers of Harmony - Resolution
MLP Flowers of Harmony- Carrot and Cup Cake
MLP Flowers of Harmony - Dangerous Pleasures

This is the 28th of my series designing clothes for ponies with a flower theme. This time I did something different, choosing the flowers based on the Flower Earth Ponies' names rather than their symbolism. Since I've already associated daisies, roses, and lilies with different ponies, the flowers I chose are slightly different than their cutie marks' appearances. I hope you like this, as these ponies are long overdue.

Daisy's stare Daisy/Flower Wishes's flower is the Gerbera DaisyFlower icon In the language of flowers it generally represents happiness, but is different according to its color. Orange means sunshine of life, Red means unconscious in love or fully immersed in love, White is a symbol of purity or innocence, Pink is admiration, adoration or high esteem, and yellow is cheerfulness

Request: Blink Icon Roseluck Rose/Rose Luck's flower is the orange and red roseorange Rose in teardrop crystal vase dewless In the language of flowers it generally represents friendship, passion outside of romance, Enthusiasm, togetherness, and joy.

(No gif? GASP!) Lily/Lilly Valley's flower is the Lily of the Valley. :LilyoftheValley:    In the language of flowers it generally represents Sweetness, Humility, Purity, and Return of happiness
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It looks like Lily is wearing a wedding dress. I love it.
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Thank you! White poofy dresses certainly give off that vibe, don't they? ;)
*scares them in a green jumpsuit*
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*and many cries of "the horror!" were heard* ;)
:iconmlproseluckplz:: He kept screaming and telling us to ranch it up!... What is ranch? And what is a 'yaboobay'?
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