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LCAO White and Natural Unicorn

Continuing my series of color pictures featuring Little Coyote and some other character that appears in my webcomic LC's Adventures Online.

In this picture LC is with Natural Unicorn, who is featured in Earth Goddess Coyote, Flirting with Mustache, and Slumber Party Gone Wrong.
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*waits till LC is distracted and throws another snow ball*
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*gets smacked by your snowball* Hey! Oooh, I'll get you! :snowballfightplz: *tries to roll up a really big snowball* 
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*by the time LC is finished rolling a really big snow ball, LC looks up to see she is eerily surrounded by snowball unicorns with no actually NU in sight*
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*is terrified* Unicorns are after meeee! I didn't mean to pick on NU, she started it! *buries into her giant snowball and hides*