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Goof Off For Her Heart 7

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Cheese Sandwich Cheese Sandwich icon  and Party Favor Party Favor Icon  both want to be Pinkie Pie's Special Somepony! Pinkie Pie blinking  How will these stallions handle the competition?

I was going to end this comic with Pinkie Pie insisting that Pinkie Pie wouldn't date ponies that fight, leading to the stallions insisting that they were only friends, but then Lauren Faust started trolling people on her twitter. So I couldn't resist this ending.
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Of course that had to happen, it's Pinkie
See, this is what you get for goofing off without her.
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"Spike! You're eating cake without me?"

Oh Pinkie, never change. :D
kelseyleah's avatar
I enjoyed writing that line. :D
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Lol, that was cute.
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I was expecting it to end with pinkie party favour and cheese sandwich all together in a polynamis relationship
kelseyleah's avatar
I almost wrote that ending!

Or at least, the colts walking off and Pinkie Pie muttering about how she's on her way to a "reverse harem ending". ;)
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i also feel like no one knows about those kinds of relationships so people might be a little confused if you wrote that ending, the ending you currently have works well because it fits pinkie. But i could of also seen what i had  suggest plus the moose, because pinkie being pinkie pie could a relationship between 3 ponies and a chocolate moose.
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Well, Pinkie Pie wants to make everyone smile, so it would certainly be hard for her to choose only one pony at the risk of hurting another pony's feelings. ;)
Since she's so popular in general, I kinda see her doing stunts like the end of this comic to avoid that.
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Bahahahahahahaha... :XD:
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That was a cute little series!
kelseyleah's avatar
*drops out of the sky and eats the moose then looks at Cheese and Party Favor*
Cheese: O_O.....
Party: O_O.....
*chases them with a bat*
Pinkie: D8.......
Actually... I just wanted to eat da moose..... bonking Cheese and Party were just a bonus! XD
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damm choc blocked 
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momowo's avatar''s a moose...
what do we call it now...?
meh. pinkie is weird. somethings never change.
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It'll last as long as other sweets do around Pinkie. ;)
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