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FOH Dahlia Princess

Sorry this took so long!
 Based on the designs from these paintings:  MLP Flowers of Harmony - Luna and Celestia by kelseyleah  MLP Flowers of Harmony- The Princesses by kelseyleah
So, all it took for me to want to actually make this dress in real life was a desire someone made to have these dresses in real life. So one of my goals for 2017 is to make the Flowers of Harmony dresses in real life for the Mane six and the adult Princesses.
Hopefully I'll be able to add a video I made of this outfit, too, and you can see it in even more detail!
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Awesome! I hope the best of blessings on your dress mission! :thumbsup:

This is just out of pure curiosity and I would never try to change your mind for Celestia's choice because it's fine just the way it is. Why didn't you choose the Morning Glory for Celestia?
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Thank you! I believe it was your comment that gave me the idea: 

They look so elegent and royal.

Like floral princesses X3! You know, if Hasbro were to make a toyline of this based on your designs, I'd be tempted to get all of them :3.

Morning Glories do sound like they would go with the sun theme. :) I'm not sure I entirely remember my thought process, but I think I didn't see enough symbolism in them that sounded like Celestia to me. Plus, they're related to Moon Flowers, and I think I decided I wanted their dresses to look different.
The rainbow Dahlia I found I like as a good contrast to Luna's Moonflower. The day has all these bright colors, as opposed to the night's subtle ones. Not that Morning Glories aren't colorful, but it's a 2-3 color difference to a 5-6 one.

I've always liked Morning Glories- I just haven't found a pony to make a dress for one yet. :)
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Aww. :heart:

Fair point, I can only think of the "unrequited love"/"love in vain" only applying to the time Luna was mad at Celestia and turned evil yet Celestia still loved her. I personally think the fact they are sisters would make it more tempting to choose the morning glory. For the sake of the yin/yang concept I see your point though.

Maybe you'll have the urge to make a pony fc with a sweet potato cutiemark that is a hopeless romantic one day. XD

Jokes aside, I'm sure you'll figure it out someday.