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Growing Around: Sally Dunn Expressions

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I decided to draw Sally Dunn from MrEnter's "Growing Around" novel series again. I decided to draw different expressions of her.

I would animate her in Flash, but I feel like I'm not that good at in-betweening yet. No, I am not resorting to automatic tweening (a shortcut very frequently used in Flash and Toon Boom to cut corners and make the animated product cheaper). Heck, I don't even know how to use the motion tweening tool in Flash. (And it's a very good thing, too.)

Yeah, besides all that, I'm hoping that if MrEnter's "Growing Around" series does in fact get picked up for a pilot plus an animated series, I wouldn't want it to be sent overseas to South Korea. But unfortunately, with just how insanely expensive labor-intensive costs are for animating a traditionally animated hand drawn cartoon, I don't think that would be quite possible. (Unless there were a bunch of passionate animators who didn't ask the company to pay them instead. But even then, I wouldn't want that, either.) If not South Korea, then possibly Taiwan, India, and the Philippines would be decent destinations for animation outsourcing.

Yeah, but enough about all of that. I really want to do something with my life. I want to put love, passion, and care into something, even if it isn't my own product that I'm working on. I just wish that I had more self confidence and motivation. As someone who is on the Autistic spectrum, I tend to focus on the same things over and over again. Cartoons. And every morning, I keep on telling my dad that I wish there weren't so many hand drawn animated cartoons that got sent overseas to South Korea (for in-betweening). But yeah, you get my point.

And yeah, my face is really broken out, and I am still struggling to motivate myself to draw more often. I'm trying to motivate myself right now by drawing fan art for other people and popular franchises besides my own to get myself back into shape and all.

Wellp. I'm really sorry that this description came off as more negative than what not, but I just want to be honest with you all that I am struggling to balance my emotions and depressed phases and all.

Sally Dunn and "Growing Around" concept (C) John Rozanski (MrEnter) :iconmrenter:
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Ya Dunn Did it now.