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You look happy to meet me...

By KelpieMomma
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"Edelweiss, edelweiss, every morning you greet me... Small and white, clean and bright, you look happy to meet me..." The soft voice pulled through the air, the smell of bacon rising in the small room. The door was open to the outside, letting in the chill of the snowy morning. On the table behind the small human male, a rather large egg sat upon a bed of straw. For the past couple days it had been moving near unnoticably, though today it had picked up some speed. At least, it had until about an hour prior. Then it had stopped. The human had grown concerned, as the movement should have heralded the hatching of his dragon, yet... Nothing. It had moved, and then stopped. The only time that had happened, so he heard, was when the dragon died trying to hatch. In order to calm himself the man had begun cooking and now there were piles of bacon all over the room, as if to entice the creature into emerging from its shell. But it had been hours, bacon had been thrown out, and his cheery attitude had dropped into one of moroseness. The bacon was almost gone, now. He was on the last few pieces and feeling defeated. His egg had been a dud, as he had been warned. Sighing, the human set down his spatula and began to throw out the rest of the cool bacon. He would keep his own and then take the egg away to let nature take its course.

Unbeknownst to him, it had begun moving as he began to clean up. The blue egg twitched and shook on its nest of straw and hay, weakly at first and then wildly. There was a quiet crack and then a sharp beak poked out from the shell, tiny nostrils taking in their first puff of air. A quiet, nearly silent sqwuak and then the egg began to move again. The dragon wriggled and fought its way out before falling still onto the straw, exhausted from its battle to the world. The voice was still singing, though soft and sad, and there was a delicious smell to the air that brought the tiny dragon to awareness. Struggling to sit up, the little dragon huffed a breath and opened its mouth. "Squa-kaw!" It tried to speak, but couldn't get any noise out. It shifted, took a breath and tried again. "Squa-kaw!" But still nothing. It gave up and flopped into the straw, watching the back move in front of it with intelligent eyes. Without realizing it, the dragon gave a soft chirrup. The back before it stiffened and the head came up. The dragon chirruped again, lifting its own head and watched as the hair-covered one before it turned. Blue eyes peeked over a shoulder and the dragon pushed itself up again. It chirruped, louder now, and the human turned completely.

"Well, there you are," He said softly as he walked over with some warm bacon in his hands. "I thought I was going to have to get rid of this. I thought you were never coming." He leaned down and let the dragon sniff it before watching it take the bacon from the plate eagerly. He chuckled and shifted it to get a look, and then nodded. "A female... But red. I thought you'd be blue, going by your egg. Though... I guess, you are, really." He murmured, removing his hands and watching the dragon chow down on the bacon. When she finished the greasy meal, the dragon looked up and squaked shrilly. He winced but smiled, standing up. "All right, all right, I get it. You're hungry, let me get you more." He murmured as he walked over to get the hot bacon from the pan. He was quick about his movements, grabbing the bacon before returning to his dragon. "Now, what to call you, hmm?" He asked as he watched her down the bacon. He was too happy and excited that she had arrived to limit her eating- something that he didn't know now but would become a problem in the future. The human glanced out the door, seeing the morning break through the snow falling, and then looked back at the dragon. "Dawn? Hmm, no. Too simple, though it is pretty. It fits your color, too." He hummed thoughtfully, staring at her. The way her scales seemed to shimmer had him mesmerized for a moment before he noticed the egg shell on top of her head and he chuckled. "I need to get a picture of this," He murmured as he stood up and went to grab a camera He snapped the picture, capturing the little dragon's eggshell hat and then was hit by a thought. "I've got it- I'm going to call you Aurora. Does that sound all right?"

The only response he got was a snuffle and a loud sqwuak as Aurora finished off the bacon and demanded more. The human only chuckled and leaned back. "Aurora it is, then. It's nice to finally meet you, Aurora. I'm Scott." He greeted before standing up and going to get his dragon, his very own hatchling, more food.

Aurora's hatching! Scott was nervous but did manage to get his little girl. Little did he know that giving her bacon right away would start a life-long love affair of food with her that he wouldn't be able to break.

Picture: Colored, shaded, background, hatchling + egg!
Word Count: 865

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She looks very cute ! The shading is awesome, you did a really great job ! ^^
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Thanks <3 It took me so long to decide how it would look best ;u; I'm glad it came out well- better than I thought!