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Ruzan OST by KelpGull Ruzan OST by KelpGull
For :icondomain-of-the-wolf:
Ruzan Medallion by KelpGull

Here's Ruzan's OST! Had a great time putting this together. Most of this relates to her backstory, though the last one on the list is kind of a tribute to her meeting with Khione ;P Definitely going to need to get some more RPs started :D
She's been an interesting character to work with, in that I think she'd actually be a social butterfly like her mother if her life had gone a little differently :XD:

I've also compiled all of these as a playlist, found here!

And the "album cover" is a parody of this.

"Prayer" - Rufus Cappadocia


"On a Good Day" - Joanna Newsom

Hey hey hey, the end is near
On a good day you can see the end from here
But I won't turn back now, though the way is clear
I will stay for the remainder

New Arrival
"The Latest Toughs" - Okkervil River

All the latest toughs, you've got to shrug them off, or shut them off
With ten-thousand-time-told truths, you've still got to ask for proof
Ask for proof, because if you're dying to be led they'll lead you
Up the hill in chains, to their popular refrains
And then your slaughter's been arranged, my little lamb
It's much too late to talk the knife out of their hands

"It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)" - Bob Dylan

Temptation's page flies out the door
You follow, find yourself at war
Watch waterfalls of pity roar
You feel to moan but unlike before
You discover that you'd just be
One more person crying

So don't fear if you hear
A foreign sound to your ear
It's alright, Ma, I'm only sighing

"Lost Coastlines" - Okkervil River

Packed and all eyes turned in, no one to see on the key
No one waving for me, just the shoreline receding
Ticket in my hand and thinking wish I didn't hand it in
Cause who said sailing is fine?
Leaving behind all the faces that I might replace if I tried on that long ride,
Looking deep inside, but I don't want to look so deep inside yet

"Soft as Chalk" - Joanna Newsom

I watched you sleep repeating my prayer
You give love a little shove and it becomes terror, and now I am
Calling in a sadness beyond anger and beyond fear
Who is there?
Who's there?
Who is there?

"Upward Over the Mountain" - Iron & Wine

Mother I made it up from the bruise on the floor of this prison
Mother I lost it, all of the fear of the Lord I was given
Mother forget me now that the creek drank the cradle you sang to
Mother forgive me, I sold your car for the shoes that I gave you

So may the sunrise bring hope where it once was forgotten
Sons could be birds, taken broken up to the mountain

"'81" - Joanna Newsom

I found a little plot of land
In the Garden of Eden
It was dirt and dirt is all the same
I tilled it with my two hands
And I called it my very own;
There was no one to dispute my claim

Well, you'd be shocked
At the state of things--
The whole place
Had just cleared right out
It was hotter than hell
So I laid me by a spring, for a spell
As naked as a trout
Rodwendess Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I just saw this! So good!

KelpGull Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Heheh, thanks! She'll find her way sooner or later :D
Rodwendess Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes she will <3
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