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Ludko - DOTW app by KelpGull Ludko - DOTW app by KelpGull


DotW Medallion - Ludko by KelpGull

:bulletred: IMPORTANT: :bulletred: This character is adopted, and was originally created by :iconnaomi-guardian:. This app is currently a direct copy of the original one, though I will be making changes as his story progresses :D

RP Status: Bullet; Green OPEN Bullet; Green

Relationship Tracker (currently transferring)|| RP Tracker (currently transferring)

|| Basic Information ||

Name: Ludko
Age: Young Adult (3 years, born in October)
Gender: Male

Height: 34”
Weight: 109lbs
A lithe figure, Ludko is an agile hunter with strength to match. His mane is quite thick and full, often giving him a misleading appearance of being rather bulky.

Orientation: Bisexual
Voice: Jason Marsden as Onmund
Scent: Grassy and sharp. Similar to spearmint.

Territory: Fellfang
Rank: Beta Hunter



Vilfred | Biological Father | unknown
Aster | Biological Mother | missing
Adelina | Adoptive Mother | deceased

Brennus | Half Brother | missing
Embla | Half Sister | alive
*Alita | Half Sister | unknown
*Maite | Half Sister | unknown

Moth | Half Niece | alive

|| Personality ||

Chaotic Good

altruistic | energetic | resilient | trustful | needy | unreserved | weak-kneed | affected | impetuous

A wolf with a tendency to leap before he looks, Ludko is a happy-go-lucky male. He's always willing to put others before his own needs, and will often do whatever it takes to make those around him happy. Unfortunately this also leads to him being a little too eager to please, and very dependent on those around him for affection. However, he is able to bounce back from any set-backs this leads him to, and take any news in stride.


Ludko would do anything and everything it took to help his skuld-mates and those he cared about. He doesn't care about the lengths - whether it meant him acting as a clown, or putting his own life on the line - he'd do it in a heartbeat.

The brandr has energy abound, and is always enthusiastic to do his what needs to be done with enough leftover to go that extra mile.

No matter what happens, Ludko will take it in stride. He knows that no matter what - the skuld will always have his back.

Ludko's trusting to a fault. He cares much for those around him, and whole-heartedly believes that he can depend on them when in need. Once he makes friends, there's not a doubt in his mind that they're good wolves.

He can be a bit needy as he often longs for the closeness and affection of those around him. He constantly interacts with the wolves around him, and often needs to be reminded about personal space.

Unless reminded about personal space, Ludko won't hesitate to invade it. Often he greets his pack-mates by physically touching his muzzle to them, and he often gets too close to strangers.

Because he likes to see those around him happy, Ludko has a tendency to give into their wants and needs easily. Though with tougher cases he tries to resist, he can't find it within himself to out-right refuse.

Ludko is very easily influenced by the moods of those around him. When someone is upset, Ludko makes it his business to see them happy again. It drives him nuts when the air around him is heavy with tension, and he feels he has to do something to make everyone feel better again.

Acting first and thinking later is something Ludko's often guilty of. Whether it be sticking his neck out for a friend, or impulsively eating something he's never seen before, Ludko won't think twice about doing so.

|| Pre-Group History ||

Ludko, for most intents and purposes, is very much a product of Fellfang. His father, Vilfred a prisoner of the pack, escaped on day. He was hoping the pack would never notice. They did. Thus they sent one of their own to retrieve him, Aster. Upon finding him, the she-wolf decided to have her way with him. Vilfred was too weak to resist, and was not only violated but also dragged back.

Harsh punishments were enacted upon him, but all the while he endured as he noticed Aster began to grow rounder. He was suspicious, and his suspicions were proven true as she gave birth to a single male pup. Knowing Fellfang was no place for his offspring, late in the night Vilfred stole the pup and ran. This time he managed to make it and escaped far away from Fellfang with his young son in tow. While wandering, the male met another lone wolf, and they were mated with three pups birthed from their union. With the memories of his infancy practically gone, Ludko was told that he was just from the pair's first litter.

Thus Ludko spent his first few months of life peacefully traveling the land with his family. They only took what they needed, and were always mindful of pack territories. In the fourth month of his life, a terrible flash flood swept the land. Only Ludko and his mother were able to reach high ground. His father was straggling behind, struggling to round up his panicking pups who were darting in all directions. Just as Ludko's mother turned to help her mate, a wave crashed into the group, sweeping them away never to be seen again. He and his mother spent a month searching, and even more months mourning their loss. 

Eventually they gathered themselves, and continued on their nomadic venture. In the early parts of of his juvenille days, Ludko's mother passed away from a high fever after a particularly long night of winter hunting. While he did mourn her death, he knew that as a loner had to carry on lest he succumb to the same fate.

It was then that Ludko knew the life of a loner was not for him. He needed a pack. He needed the warmth of others, but he wasn't sure how to go about it. The young wolf spent many days pondering his next best move, he recalled that his father came from a pack called Fellfang. Not knowing anything about the pack, but knowing they were the closest chance he had at pack life, Ludko journeyed to find them. He stubbornly kept looking for them - even despite learning of their marauding ways. After all, in his mind since his father was a good wolf, his pack couldn't actually be that bad.

By the time he found them, he had learned all about their dark history. Still he was hopeful that somehow they had changed. He rationalized that even if they had not, he would just flee and seek a home within another pack. Luckily enough for him, it seemed that they had changed thanks to a new Jarl by the name of Fable. Thus he eagerly made an appeal to join the them.

|| Group History ||

Chronological History | 2016 Bone Log

After joining with Fellfang, Ludko makes quick work of meeting his Fellfangir. He has a lot to learn, and he's willing to learn all of it. He makes great friends, and even begins to find love in his pack-mate Sitara. However, things soon change as his brother joins him. After a tearful reunion, Ludko begins to wonder about the origins of their family and looks into it. He finds, to his horror, that Avelina is not his true mother, and instead that title belongs to Aster. Confused, he runs from the pack after informing Sitara that they can no longer be together due to their blood relations. After a short time alone, Ludko realizes that it doesn't matter since he was loved. Content, he returns to Fellfang and works hard to prove himself to the pack once more. However, he doesn't have long to adjust as soon tragedy hits the pack. Many Fellfangir went missing in his absence, his beloved brother and his dear Sitara are among the missing. He doesn't have long to mourn when the mountain erupts, forcing them from their home. Ludko is injured in the process of fleeing, and becomes even closer to his dear friend Calida in the process. They make it to their new (old) territory safely, and Ludko is happy for a short time until he begins to notice Calida's strange behavior. Upset, he attempts to make her happy only to be shunned in return. Deciding there was only one way to help her, Ludko requests the rank of brandr, and has been working hard with his rank ever since.

January 2017 [0/6]
Bullet; Orange +1 Day And Night
Bones Earned: 1 bones
Bones Spent: - 0 bones
Bank Balance: 12 bones

February 2017 [2/6]
Bullet; Orange +2 February MSE
Bones Earned: 2 bones
Bones Spent: - 0 bones
Bank Balance: 14 bones

March 2017 [1/6]
Bullet; Orange +1 Don't Eat The Shrooms RP
Bones Earned: 1 bones
Bones Spent: - 7 bones
Bank Balance: 8 bones

June 2017 [2/6]
Bullet; Orange +2 June MSE
Bones Earned: 2 bones
Bones Spent: - 0 bones
Bank Balance: 10 bones

July 2017 [1/6]
:bulletorage: +1 RP: I Don't Want You To Die
Bones Earned: 1 bone
Bones Spent: - 0 bones
Bank Balance: 11 bones

~ indicates items that are worth points, but will not be submitted due to gaining all the points for that month

|| Other ||

  • Ludko's favorite food is deer. He's pretty plain in that sense.
  • He loves chewing on wild mint leaves, and eating a few wild blueberries when he gets the chance.
  • Ludko really has tasted nearly everything. Despite his mother's warnings, since he is a curious soul, he's always had to try it to make sure. This was also in part due to the fact that he always had trouble remembering what was edible.
  • He recieved a robin's feather from Sitara, a falcon feather from Nach, and a bluejay feather from both Brennus and Calida.
  • Upon returning to Fellfang, he promptly returned all of his feathers to the wolves who gave them.

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