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2016 - Year of Art!

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 11, 2016, 7:39 AM


This journal is mostly for my benefit and reflection.  I don't think I have too many active watchers, but to those that are active and to any new visitors: hi!  Most of my art "career" has been spent dabbling.  I do not and have not ever considered myself to be particularly great at the craft, nor have I really striven to push myself from my comfort zone.  I have certainly improved from where I started over the years, but I have never really reached a point where I have been truly satisfied with the things I create.  When Shan (GypsyCorset) suggested art improvement as our collective (with Jazzery) New Year's Resolution of sorts, it really resonated with me in a way that stuck.  Onwards and upwards from here--to progress!

To keep me motivated:
Ellody Side-by-Side by KeLou Art Over the Years: Flute Edition by KeLou Wren Progression by KeLou

Pose references used in my art, if used at all, can be found here.

Week 1: 01/01/2016-01/07/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).

Week 2: 01/08/2016-01/14/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).

Week 3: 01/15/2016-01/21/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).

Week 4: 01/22/2016-01/28/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).
- Week 4 was a bit of a challenge.  Towards the end I got a bit sick, so I didn't draw a whole lot, but I persevered!

Week 5: 01/29/2016-02/04/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).

Week 6: 02/05/2016-02/11/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).
- I am pretty proud of this week!  While there is still quite a ways for me to go, I can definitely see the improvement which is a huge deal for me.

Week 7: 02/12/2016-02/18/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).
- This week I drew a male twice!  Tipped my toes in the water and it wasn't entirely terrible.  Progress!

Week 8: 02/19/2016-02/25/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).

Week 9: 02/26/2016-03/03/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).

Week 10: 03/04/2016-03/10/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).
- Sketched a character for eccentrickal, hopefully I'll get a chance to color it!

Week 11: 03/11/2016-03/17/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).

Week 12: 03/18/2016-03/24/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).
- Moderately obsessed with Jordanna this week, but I suppose that isn't an entirely new thing.

Week 13: 03/25/2016-03/31/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).
- Tried some things, drew a bunch.

Week 14: 04/01/2016-04/07/2016  > Compilation: Here (NSFW).
- Lots and lots and lots of practice this week.

Week 15: 04/08/2016-04/14/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).  Too lazy to crop.

Week 16: 04/15/2016-04/21/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).

Week 17: 04/22/2016-04/28/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).

Week 18: 04/29/2016-05/05/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).

Week 19: 05/06/2016-05/12/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).

Week 20: 05/13/2016-05/19/2016 > Compilation: Done but not compiled because lazy.

Week 21: 05/20/2016-05/26/2016  > Compilation: Done but not compiled because lazy (again).  Playing too much Pokémon.

Week 22: 05/27/2016-06/02/2016  > Done!  This week was terrible art wise, so I probably will not upload a compilation image for this or the prior two weeks. 

Week 23: 06/03/2016-06/09/2016 > DONE

Week 24: 06/10/2016-06/16/2016 > DONE

Week 25: 06/17/2016-06/23/2016 > DONE

Week 26: 06/24/2016-06/30/2016 > DONE  I need to go back and compile but eh. 

Week 27: 07/01/2016-07/07/2016  > DONE

Week 28: 07/08/2016-07/14/2016 > DONE

Week 29: 07/15/2016-07/21/2016 > DONE

Week 30: 07/22/2016-07/28/2016 > DONE

Week 31: 07/29/2016-08/04/2016 > DONE

Week 32: 08/05/2016-08/11/2016 > DONE

Week 33: 08/12/2016-08/18/2016 > DONE

Week 34: 08/19/2016-08/25/2016 > DONE

Week 35: 08/26/2016-09/01/2016 > DONE

Week 36: 09/02/2016-09/08/2016 > DONE - Kinda.  Had a fairly significant hard drive failure and lost several weeks' worth of work, effectively killing my motivation.  I have sketched a little here and there but nothing major--slowly getting back in the saddle!

Week 37: 09/09/2016-09/15/2016 > DONE - Kinda.  Had a fairly significant hard drive failure and lost several weeks' worth of work, effectively killing my motivation.  I have sketched a little here and there but nothing major--slowly getting back in the saddle!

Week 38: 09/16/2016-09/22/2016 > DONE

Week 39 09/23/2016-09/29/2016 > DONE

Week 40: 09/30/2016-10/06/2016 > DONE

Week 41: 10/07/2016-10/13/2016 - In Progress > Compilation:

Week 42: 10/14/2016-10/20/2016 - In Progress > Compilation:

Week 43: 10/21/2016-10/27/2016 - In Progress > Compilation:

Week 44: 10/28/2016-11/03/2016 - In Progress > Compilation:

Week 45: 11/04/2016-11/10/2016 - In Progress > Compilation:

Week 46: 11/11/2016-11/17/2016 - In Progress > Compilation:

Week 47: 11/18/2016-11/24/2016 - In Progress > Compilation:

Week 48: 11/25/2016-12/01/2016 - In Progress > Compilation:

Week 49: 12/02/2016-12/08/2016 - In Progress > Compilation:

Week 50: 12/09/2016-12/15/2016 - In Progress > Compilation:

Week 51: 12/16/2016-12/22/2016 - In Progress > Compilation:

Week 52: 12/23/2016-12/30/2016 - In Progress > Compilation:

DAY 366: 12/31/16 - Final day.  Slot belongs to GypsyCorset since she called dibs.

Also, there's a fairly good chance that I will need characters to draw in the future once I exhaust all of my characters and those of my friends.  If you're not opposed to having your characters used for practice (girls only for now--guys are a whole other can of worms for me right now, unless they're effeminate!), then please fill out the following as detailed as possible below:

Note/Disclaimer/What-have-you: Visual references are especially helpful, especially when used in unison with written.  Failure to provide and describe accurate references MAY result in inaccurate results.  Since these images will be free for you and practice for me, edits will be minor or nonexistent unless I am not happy with how something turned out.  Filling out the form below does not guarantee that you will get art.  I also reserve the right to decide whether or not it is just a sketch, flat colors, or full colors.  You must provide the pose--I will not choose a character that does not come with a pose already chosen.  Complaining (other than helpful critique) about the final result will get you blacklisted.  You can post as many different characters as you like.  I will choose based on what inspires me at the time.

  * Character Name:
  * Species:
  * Eye Color:
  * Hair Color/Length:
  * Hair Style:

  * Body Shape: Visual references preferred for this, but you're more than welcome to describe it so long as you're detailed!
  * Skin/Fur Color: Color swatches help a great deal here.
  * Markings/Color: If applicable.  Refers to markings or scarring.
  * Ears: For example, if elven: how long/pointed are they?  If anthro, are they pointed/rounded/floppy, etc.?
  * Accessories:
  * References:
However many accurate references you feel best capture your character.
  * Pose: Very important!  One of the requirements to be considered is that you include a pose reference of your choosing.  The pose CANNOT be another artist's artwork, it must be a photograph.  SenshiStock has great poses, but I'm sure there are other deviants with stock poses for you to choose from as well.

l o v e

Tue Apr 22, 2014, 11:32 AM


Sun Oct 27, 2013, 12:09 PM
skype: xkelseylou
Furcadia: Lou


This is mostly a filler 'til I think of something productive. (=

10 Free Sketches

Sat Jun 29, 2013, 5:37 PM
The first TEN people to comment on this journal will receive a free sketch*.
* These are only sketches.  It is unlikely (but not impossible) that they will be colored or completely perfect.

+ Only one request per person!
+ In return, however, you must offer 10 free sketches in your own journal, too!

Thanks to :iconthenekk: for the idea!


Mon Feb 11, 2013, 7:25 PM

Thank you ALL for your beautiful, creative, and talented entries!  I cannot wait to go through them all.  Judging will begin tonight.  Due to work, school, and distance between judges it will take time for everyone to go through and get their votes together.  JUDGING will conclude on April 30, 2013 and winners will be announced on MAY 01, 2013.  After that date, I will contact winners regarding their prizes!


Thanks again, and GOOD LUCK everyone!


The subject of this contest is an unnamed, original character.  
It is a gryphon.  However, due to abnormalities, it was born with NO EYES.
It is a cross between a black barn owl (…) and a snow leopard (…).  
* From the shoulders and up, it has the head of a black barn owl but it has the ears of a snow leopard.
* Large wingspan. Colored similar to that of the owl picture.
* The rest of its body - legs, tail, and paws included - is that of a snow leopard.



***  Legitimately the hardest thing I have ever had to do was judge this contest!  It was so hard to pick just three winners, it really was.  My judges and I went through our lists multiple times and even butted heads on many entries, but overall, we got it narrowed down but it was no easy feat.  I will comment beside each winner as to why it was chosen, but I will also comment on each entrant's individual picture as well over the weekend.

Thanks again for participating, and I look forward to holding another contest soon.

NAME USED: Demodocus - blind hero; androgynous

Contest Design by Hinderence by :iconhinderence: -Hinderence's depiction of this character was great.  I love the detail in its fur, the coloring and shading, but most of all... I am IN LOVE with that tail.  I just can't even imagine what it would be like to wrap myself up in it for cuddles.  Okay, enough crazy talk.  One of the things I was most worried about when I started this contest was that a character without eyes would come across as spooky or creepy, and that's not what I wanted; Hinderence was able to put together my vision just as I imagined it in my mind.  It is definitely beautiful and majestic without being creepy in the least.  The trinket, though, is perhaps my favorite part of this image.  From a roleplay perspective, it has so many amazing possibilities that I cannot wait to explore! 

Contest: Vicis by Ayayue by :iconayayue: - There are so many reasons that this picture won second place - most notable was that it contained all the criteria that I had specified, and even some that I did not expect.  Most of all, I love the coloring - in my head, this is what I pictured the character to look like colorwise, but Ayayue gave it such a great personality as well that it just jumps off of the screen.  The detail in the wingspan is phenomenal, and I love the playful/carefree nature depicted.  The idea behind the bangles is very creative, too, and I think can be useful in its character development.  Overall, Ayayue's portrayal of this character is spot on!

contest entry by qren by :iconqren: - Words definitely fail me on this one.  The coloring is what captured my attention first - it almost looks like a painting.  The unique gemstone "eyes" and earrings are interesting and seem like they could be a lot of fun to roleplay.  I think it will be a great experience to test out!  The background is also noteworthy, too, and it adds so much to this picture - I love, love the look on the little boy's face! 


Nabeena Uni by NaturallyLecherous by :iconnaturallylecherous: - The detail - holy smokes!  Every time I look at this picture, I find something that I did not see the first time, and I love that!  It's like I'm looking at a new picture each time.  How she was able to fit so much detail into such a small space I will never know.  The background is gorgeous as well, and it just gives the picture a whimsical and fun atmosphere.  I also like the idea presented in the trinket around the gryphon's neck (the dream catchers) to help protect people's dreams.

- I really do love everything about this picture.  The wingspan is incredibly detailed and the gryphon itself is beautifully colored.  I love the contrast of the character against the bright sea background.  Deguu did such an amazing job. 

* A name.  This is judging criteria.  No ridiculously impossible to pronounce names, but creativity is welcome.  Include a meaning to this name, if applicable, and why it was chosen.
* Something unique.  Could be a trinket such as a necklace.  Anything goes.
* When you upload the picture to deviantART, you MUST link back to this journal.
* Since there are no pictures yet of this character, the details are subject to the artist's imagination.  However!  You must follow the basics as far as what the creature is [black barn owl x snow leopard].

* First Place: $60 cash via PayPal.
* Second Place: $30 cash via PayPal.
* Third Place: $15 cash via PayPal.
/ Alternative prizes may be awarded at the winner's discretion, if requested.

Contest Design by Hinderence by :iconhinderence:

by :iconkingfisher-gryphon:

contest entry by qren by :iconqren:

:thumb364120191: by :iconr4wvz7:

Veradis the Legendary by ribjaw by :iconribjaw:

by :iconveritas-night:

by :icondomisea:

:thumb365320256: by :iconjanserlade:

Nabeena Uni by NaturallyLecherous by :iconnaturallylecherous:

Contest: Vicis by Ayayue by :iconayayue:

:thumb365810058: by :iconsolusintenebris:

:thumb365956308: by :iconkrizli-art:


Camira by Zephrine by :iconzephrine:


by :iconagataylor:

:thumb366133849: by :iconkenhound:

Fresh Start

Thu Aug 2, 2012, 9:50 PM

Hi, everyone!

For nine years, I held the username "meiynai" and for nine years, it served me well.  I really outgrew the name several years ago, as it was my first alias ever used back in the year 1998ish.  I really did not want to create a new account, though, so I am glad that they now allow us to change our usernames.  I selected Beaudion because on August 13, 2012, I will marry my best friend.  Since that is his last name, it suits me now.  He is one of the biggest sources of support in my life today, so I like to honor him with this small token of appreciation.  My soon-to-be maiden name of Mráček is of Czech origin and it literally translates into "clouds" which are a piece of nature that I have always loved, so this journal skin is also a perfect tribute to my heritage and name in my opinion.

My dreams and goals.

Ultimately, of course, I would like to take the opportunity to better my art.  Not only that, of course, but I would also like to expand my level of involvement in the community that has given so much to me over the years.  One of the most incredible things I have experienced as an artist is watching someone start out from their humble beginnings and blossom, over time, into an incredibly talented artist.  There are no true words to describe the feeling.

Thank you, all.

I also want to take this time to thank everyone who has been in my corner as I continuously strive to improve my art.  Although it is just a hobby for me right now, I want to make it much more and learn to grow from it.  With the help of the community, I am sure I will be able to blossom and go just where I want to go in my artistic journey.

I have also listed some contact information below for anyone who wishes to just talk for whatever reason.  I am a genuinely friendly person, and if you send me a note on here and I do not see it in time, feel free to contact me any of the ways listed below.  I look forward to making new friends and rekindling relationships with old friends as well.  With your help, I know I can be a better artist and person all around.

How to contact me:
Furcadia: Lou, Kelsey
Gmail: kelseylou
Facebook: kelseylou
Twitter: kelseylou


Mon Apr 26, 2010, 1:07 PM

:iconrainbowsheep2: k e l s e y the baby penguin motherless by MixedMilkChOcOlate L O U :iconkittydividerplz::iconkittydivider2plz::iconkittydivider3plz::iconkittydivider4plz::iconkittydividerrbowplz:



        Yesterday and today, January 25 and 26, 2012, I have gone through the entirety of my gallery.  This year, in November, I will have been on deviantART for TEN years.  Holy smokes!  That being said... I have accumulated 10 years worth of seriously old art.  Some things got deleted that I didn't feel contributed to my growth, and everything else old got moved to scraps.  I feel better now that it's over with, and my only intentions now are focusing on continuing to get better.  I have come a long way in ten years, and I can only hope I continue to grow the next ten years and beyond.

        I have had my ups and downs with everyone here - on Furcadia - and in real life.  And those of you who have stuck by me have shown me friendship like no other.  For that, I thank  you - Amanda (Icesis), Kyle (Rew), Stacey (Coil), Katie (Selachia), and SO many more - those are just a few off the top of my head.  I hate that we do not talk as much as we used to, and I have not always been a great friend, but I will always be here for anyone who ever needs to talk.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me as I worked to improve myself as an artist.

With all of that, I would like to announce that  art trades and commissions are both OPEN.

If you are interested in an art trade, please send me a note! I cannot guarantee that I will accept, but since I am not too busy right now I should have no problem doing them. I WILL refuse if I am not comfortable with your character/scene. Please don't be afraid to at least ask. I'm genuinely nice!

For Commissions, prices vary.

* Plain sketches start at $10, add $5 for each additional character.

* Colored sketches start at $15, add $5 for each additional character.

* Colored work begins at $25, adding $10 for each additional character.

I have been asked for these before, but I do not expect to get them; HOWEVER: If you would like for me to refine a sketch you did and line it, we can negotiate a price. No lower than $15, and price will go up depending on size. To shade or color will be extra.


:thumb28855915: Rainbow Faces stamp by Rahxy Pokemon Stamp by MarkiSan
I'm looking for a VERY talented portrait artist to commission for my character Flute.  If you're an excellent portrait artist or know one who is open for commissions, PLEASE let me know ASAP!

[ intro. ]

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 17, 2009, 3:25 AM
MSN (and E-mail):
AIM: kelseylouwho
Yahoo!: mskelseylou
Furcadia: Lou/Flute

Mario Kart Wii

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 31, 2009, 12:15 PM
I'm sorry for the absence if anyone noticed, but we've had a lot going on here.  Don't want to get into it.  However, if anyone plays Mario Kart, we're looking for friends to play via WiFi.  Our friend code is 4940-5838-1868.  Post yours here, too, or note it if you'd rather!

{ pokemon platinum request }

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 3, 2009, 1:34 PM
Does anyone have a Shaymin they'd be willing to trade? :c  I don't have much to offer but I'm in love with Shaymin.

{ testing new journal CSS ... }

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 21, 2009, 10:33 AM

Stuff will go here soon, lovely dumplings.

i n f o TO k n o w . . .

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 12, 2009, 10:13 PM


For contest information,
please click here.

c o m m i s s i o n s . . .

If you would like to commission me, please, send a note!  Be as detailed as you possibly can be.  I'm best with furres, and females, but I'll do humans as well.

For just a plain sketch, it's 8$ via paypal*.  If you want a sketch drawn, then flat colored (see gallery), then it's 13$ via paypal*.

*Paypal can be substituted for Digos (if you play Furcadia.  If you'd rather pay with GDs, then for a sketch it's 5GDs and for color it's 10GDs.

I'm taking five slots at once!


[[ For contest information,…

I'm looking to commission people for full-body drawings and a character reference sheet for my new character, Lou.

If you're an artist and you're interested, leave a comment here.  Or, if you know someone, comment with a link to their gallery.

Much appreciated. (=
love upon:




Okay, guys!  I'm holding a character-drawing contest.  It's for my character, Arielle.

To see pictures of her, click: - by Chaotikat - by Becca/Mouzly - by Adielle

These are best pictures I have, and they describe her fully.  She's a very sweet, charming white short-hair Persian feline.  Her eyes are big, bright and green, and her tail is very long and fluffy.  Those are the two main things about her.  She loves to be outside, and particularly around sunflowers.



There are none, really.  Just be creative and use your imagination.  Have fun!  And please, spread the word.



* First place receives a one year subscription.
** Second place receives two 3 month subscriptions.
*** Third place receives one 3 month subscription.

-NOTE:- All prizes can be substituted for their PAYPAL or Furcadia GD equivalent.  


Please, send me a note if you wish to participate, and with your finished product for me to post here.  There's no set end date.  I'm thinking the end of January or early February.  Depends on interest.

:iconrachelisaacs: ENTRY:…
:iconmewgal:  ENTRY:…


1. Pixel-Spotlight (In progress.)
2. RachelIsaacs (Gift.  Sketching.)
So, :iconrachelisaacs: tagged me.  Evil bee!!

1-post these rules
2-each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves
3-tags should write a journal/ blog of these facts
4-at the end of the post 8 more persons are tagged and named
5-go to their page and leave a comment telling them they've been 'tagged'


1. Any surface can be turned into artwork as long as I have the right materials.

2. I can't sit with my legs together if I'm in a dress.  It's VERY hard to do.

3. I love Disney.  Especially the old cartoons, Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Dumbo, and Beauty and the Beast.  Watching any of these puts me in a trance!

4. I'm just a little obsessed with penguins.

5. Pomeranians are by far my favorite dogs!  They are wonderful.

6. I am Christian.  And no, I don't care if you have any harsh words about it.  I am what I am, you are what you are.  Let's leave it at that.  I'm not going to push my beliefs on you.  Give me the same courtesy.

7.  While most of the time I say I hate people, in all honesty I love dealing with them.  Any job that gives me the opportunity to work with them, I will take it.  Despite how frustrating people can be at times.

8. I have a fear of big rabbits.


I am a geek!

I tag:

... and whoever else reads this that hasn't done it.  Yes, I'm lazy.  Rar.
I just realized that my subscription expired.  Haha, I'm a doofus.  I'll get one again soon, when I have the moo-lah.

Oh, and since we moved, I lost my stylus.  But I found it again!  So expect maniacal drawings from me.

I'm a spaz.