Opening my own art shop!
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Published: July 30, 2015

It's been soo long since my last journal entry, and heck, a lot has happened. I went through a bit of a dry spell in the last few months with my art because university really picked up and got up all in my grills like 'nah, you ain't gon get no spare time'. But all is well again and I'm back on dA, with no intention of slowing down! WOOHOO!

One of the most exciting things though this past week, is that I finally got around to creating and opening my own art shop, and website as well. It took a while to finally get around to making and actually launching it, but it was so worth it and heck I'm so excited and proud to finally announce it here :D

So here we are:, is officially open!


(you can click this image above, it's a link!)

It's just a simple page that I wanted to use to act as a re-directory kinda thing. I've never made a site before, so I'd love to hear some thoughts and feedback on it! 

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Thank you for making your website encrypted/https!

I'm thinking a/b purchasing a The Boy Who Lived from your shop and I feel much better knowing my entire browsing experience on your website is encrypted.

I wish Deviantart would encrypt their website, too. Just a matter of time before it gets hacked. : (
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I wouldn't have been able to have done it without my friend! He's a crazy talented web developer and coder, so he put this site together with me :'D. 

It's not quite ready yet (I've still yet to finish it, which is my fault for taking so long, so I apologize!). But I'll definitely let you know once it's ready for purchase. I'm also really glad to hear that the encrypting puts you at ease hehe.

I'm surprised as well that dA isn't encrypted :O
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AussieDidgeHobbyist General Artist
Y'know, just a quick five minute look and I'm already liking what I see in there. Not much else to add except I hope it all works out for you. :nod:
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Awgh, thanks pal!! :'D
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kaseylsnowProfessional Digital Artist
Awesome! Hope it's going well. :)
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A very impressive and well designed site that presents your art in a very appealing way. Congratulations!
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Thanks so much cemac!! It's such a relief to hear that honestly.
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ChiccaNekoStudent Traditional Artist
your shop is fantastic! I'm so happy for you! you are a great artist :heart:
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THANKYOU CHICCA!! ♥ Means so much to hear that from you pal :D
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ChiccaNekoStudent Traditional Artist
I say only the truth :meow: I hope to become like you one day :heart:
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ya killen me chicca!!! 
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ChiccaNekoStudent Traditional Artist
oh gosh :3
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To-Ka-RoProfessional General Artist
I think it's lovely and very organized! 
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Thanks Tokaro! I wasn't sure whether to go minimal, simple and clean or soemthing really PWOAHH in your face flashy haha
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da-hazardHobbyist Digital Artist
I am so proud of you buddy! You deserve it ^^
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D-for-DuchessProfessional Digital Artist
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D-for-DuchessProfessional Digital Artist
In any case, good luck bae, good luck! :iconkissingplz:
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Dimples-BrattHobbyist Digital Artist
Sweetz :D
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TsukiiyoHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome !! Congrats !!
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