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DANG it's been a while since I've uploaded to dA! :(

A few weeks back, I went to watch Finding Dory with one of my pals, and I distinctly remember marvelling at the scene where the rays are migrating. Dory & Nemo are just there, watching overhead as this swarming flock (fever) of rays swim by. It was something about that scene that was just magical. I remember seeing the concept art behind that scene too, and I'm pretty sure that it's that very scene which inspired this piece. An overwhelming beauty of repetition, I suppose. 

I can't put to words how excited I was to finally watch the film though. I LOVED Finding Dory, and that was yeaars back. So to finally go back to the cinemas and basically relive my childhood, it was so exciting and nostalgic at best. I've always absolute adored Finding Nemo not just because of the storyline, but mainly because of the art. Being able to see the ocean come to life on screen like how Disney/Pixar does it, it's just magical!

Some more of my work: 

the bitter inbetween by kelogsloops   We're Simply Meant To Be by kelogsloops   rest by kelogsloops
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Looks great as always!

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I loooooove it1
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Is the original for sale?
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I love your art so much, that I've actually tried to copy the way you draw your people when you do your art. Let's just say it's not up to your standards.
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I honestly love this! Keep up the good work! :happybounce: 
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oh my god you are always sooo amazing!! Love your watercolors so much omg!!; 7 ;
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All of your work is beautiful!
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God this is amazing! I absolutely love the Mantas!
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Love this! It's like a dream =)
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Gorgeous painting! Well laid out and impactful, love the repetition of the dots interspersed with the rays. Invokes a feeling of water, flow, more rays...just a general feeling of being overwhelmed in the best way. :)
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really beautiful, love the composition! and i love the aspect that it is  painted traditional -  you coudn't just copy paste the rays ;) (sometimes people here dont notice that it seems) - great job!
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Moving, simply striking , my friend.
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Easy to make not worth looking at, sorry
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Seriously?! You can post a comment like that after putting up the work of your own that has a fraction of the effort put into this piece? I could say a lot more but will bite my tongue and am not going to get into any debate here. Other members can look at your work and perhaps may not be as polite as me.
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wow very beautiful :wow: I love the concept and colors :love:
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