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with her mind in space

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an oldie, but a goodie! i've obviously always had a strange tendency (or obsession) with drawing hair, especially floating, gravity-defying cosmic hair!


O T H E R    W O R K S   O F    M I N E :

stream of consciousness by kelogsloops    The Cloudbreaker by kelogsloops    rest - fox by kelogsloops
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This creation is nothing short of marvellous;
full of dreams and legends, full of magic and mystique.
The deep, blue endless skies and the soft,
snow, white color of her form meet as a junction of 
consciousness at her lovely visage.The water of life,
the living soul and heartbeat of the universe,
is graciously poured into her streaming thoughts
by divine hands. Perhaps it is a nod to Aphrodite's
pitcher; and perhaps there is a reflection here
of Aphrodite bathing as a modest and pure goddess.
Or is she Venus herself, the perfect balance
of dark and light? One might easily imagine her
using her infinite control over the collective
consciousness of the cosmos to inspire
lucid dreams, paintings, music, plays, and works of
beautiful art under her enchanted influence.
She looks to the right; to the west where the sun
has set and where the gentle winds of Zephyrus
come favorably from the hidden places of ancient
Thrace with love riding in the solace it brings as it
touches an empty vessel. Well done.

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dholms's avatar
what an artist's dreams are made of.
so beautifully and eloquently done.
i love it.
CelidahD's avatar
Go go gadget floating gravity-defying cosmic hair!
Joshua-Mozes's avatar
Chaos brought me here....
A-Hippocampus's avatar
Beautiful stars! How did you get those tiny white ones? Spatter effect with a brush?
spacewolflord's avatar
Lets face it who doesn't want gravity defying cosmic hair? 
Thank you for sharing yet another great piece.
KanchanMahon's avatar
I'm in love with her!
Dr-Pen's avatar
Great work on her hair. Looks like space
GirlGamer12's avatar
I love drawing hair too! The longer it is, the more I enjoy it! :love: I also like the way the colours blend together to create a watercolour effect. Nicely done.
Purple--Lady's avatar
Purely amazing! Wow! 
jonestowne's avatar
i REALLY like it.  a lot.
SteveMillersArt's avatar
cool. vidal sassoon 
Chaosfive-55's avatar
Floating hair is amazing!!! I must note you about a collaboration/commission!!!
Catstudio7's avatar
lookitsRYUU's avatar
so pretty! i love the colors!! 
ElucivArt's avatar
I love drawing hair too!!
artsikairi's avatar
Yes! We would love hair that doesn't tangle in the wind!
stargirl2791's avatar
This is sold out on your print website :noes:  Will it, or any of the other ones that are sold out, be back?
Aj-DandD-DM's avatar
Beautiful piece :) i love the feel and colors :) 
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