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the bitter inbetween


So I've been experimenting a lot lately with negative space in watercolour
You hear the phrase "less is more" often, and it can be applied in so many different ways. I guess because of that, it's a little vague.
With art, I guess it's about how what isn't on the page can actually be so much more powerful and impactive than what's on it.

The "ibnetwen" taht our mnids flil in atouamtlicly to mkae snese of waht we see. 
If you can read the above, that's just a little something I learnt while studying Psychology. Cool huh?

I've really enjoyed working with negative space, because I find that blank space opens interpretation, and that's something I find endearing.

Some more of my work: 

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Incredible! I always recognise your works, they have such a distinct feel to them!
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High class comic book feel. Very cool. (:
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It's the contrast between what is and what isn't, that's what it is...The result appears somewhere midway between the shade of white and the various colours .......'Cause, after all...What is and what isn't ?
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boom.  furreal.
Kadjagoogoo's avatar
Astouning work, so virtuous ! Very impressive technical mastery and poetic inspiration !
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wytherwing's avatar
gorgeous work!  :+fav:
Doringota's avatar
I fell in love!! Amazing piece of art! *.*
daikagaru's avatar
It is truely AWESOME.. *O*
Zilverlovely's avatar
this just once again makes for such a gorgeous piece; ;

I dont think I ever told u
but your signature is an aesthetic on its own jesus
kelogsloops's avatar
AW YAY! thankyou <3

Zilverlovely's avatar
I struggle so hard with a proper signature omg :') you dont even know
I've had the standard childish signature with a heart and later on in life I was thinking I really needed something more professional but holy cow I dont know how people do it
yours looks so clean HHH :iconlazecryplz:
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Oh wow.. this is LOVE man. LOOOVE. THIS is something I wanna hang on my wall.. This is perfection man. :)
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Beautiful use of negative and positive space.
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I got a feeling from this of the lady being in front of a window when its raining hard.  A really nice piece as always keep up with you own style.
Iconnu-James's avatar
Yes, this definitely caught my attention.  The negative space is working quite well.
Irin's avatar
That's very inspirational, I want to try that technique too :D Looks awesome
Jabberjock's avatar
At a distance it is still a great use of negative space. Had to look at it closer. Wonderful work.
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 Really great! You should sell them:)
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Very nice work!
Samy-Consu's avatar
Very good idea! Beautiful composition!!
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