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thank you, satoru iwata

drawing process

I only found out yesterday, and it still hits a little too close to home. I grew up with Nintendo games, they were my childhood.

Thank you Satoru Iwata. Thank you for inspiring millions and bringing so much happiness.
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I miss him like the rest of us
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he may not be here with us, but he is never gone from our hearts and minds. his legacy lives on.
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This is a Beautiful Tribute
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This is beautiful. ;_; :heart:
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EN: Thank you, Satoru, you will be forever missed.
BG: Благодарим Ви , Satoru , ще бъде завинаги пропусна .
JP: ありがとう、悟は、あなたは永遠に逃したことになります。
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Still miss Mr. Satoru Iwata.  I shall always thank him for my happiness in video games!  THANK YOU, IWATA-SAN!!!~
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May he rest in peace!
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For the 56 years we had you; you managed to change the world's horizon of imagination. May you enjoy your afterlife reward Mr. Iwata, and thank you for everything. Goodbye...!Sad Cutecookies Mascot sad daiz :pray: remake Sad Lily Pray 

May our prayers reach to you, from Earth to HEAVEN!!!Jake crying plz 
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Couldn't have said it better...
may he rest in peace.
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You should totally send this print to the family. This is amazing beyond belief in its simplicity yet impact-fullness.
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I never actually thought about that... I would actually love to do that.
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:iconsadplz: Thank You! :iconbowplz:
Gamer Since 1986 :iconnesplz:
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He rest in our heart forever
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T-T I didn't know he died. I'm crushed
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Yes most certainly sometimes there will be someone new CEO. I'm not miss he, even he was a great man.
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that's true in the end i suppose!
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This hurts me where I live *holding my heart* Right here. <'(
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