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stream of consciousness

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Sometimes I like to think of my thoughts as a safe haven.
Sometimes, to be able to zone out completely, to mute the world and tune into whatever wild thoughts spark in my imagination, I consider to be a place of escape and retreat.
To completely immerse yourself and let your mind go wild.


O T H E R    W O R K S   O F    M I N E :

rest - doe by kelogsloops    The Cloudbreaker by kelogsloops    rest - fox by kelogsloops
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That's the name of my favourite song.

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I’ll admit, your a very big inspiration for me. 
I had found your videoes on YouTube when I was searching for watercolour tutorials- and your stuff has blown my mind away. 
Keep up the amazing work; I could stare at your gallery for ages! 

And you’ve also inspired me to try painting wave breaks for practice, since I am a, uh, amateur at painting, and I hope to start up that genera of art. 
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This is wonderful, I love it :)
i like that colors!! :3
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Behold, the personal bubble.
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This image remind me of an album cover I'll send you the link so you can see the image.::…
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woah this is so great! the effect of the red of the fishes mixing with the blue of the background is cool, love it so much!:heart:
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Wow! I am new to this site and I am very impressed by your work, its gorgeous Heart 
Ablazze's avatar
This is gorgeous! Heart 
spacewolflord's avatar
I have been away far to long if you have three pieces for me to see.  And you still do not disappoint in how great your work is.  Your mind should always be your safe place for the only things in there are what you let in.
Thank you for sharing this as always.
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I'm loving the short hair!
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Wow this soo Awesome 
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The composition of your artwork is just perfect !! Nice colors !! 
i love so much what you have done ♥♥♥
hyaciinth's avatar
this is beautiful. You are amazing!
Emisc's avatar
I just love your use of color, it is so loose, but controlled. 
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I love this!! 
Specially the contrast and the way you mix the colours 💓
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Beautiful style!
BooAkaisha's avatar
my mind is much, much darker. for you it's heaven, for me, it's hell... but i love the picture :)
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Fantastic work. I love the movement!
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