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IT HAS BEEN FOREVER, since I've last posted some new work here on deviantArt, and I'm pretty angry at myself for that.
It's been knocking in the back of my head for a long time now, and I think it came down to being almost a feeling of dread. All of a sudden I got really scared to post my work up here, and I'm not sure why.
I kept putting it off, but heck, it's a new year (two months in now...), time to tackle these insecurities!

But anyway, so I ended up making a little sister piece last year to this one: rest - fox
There was just something that I really found enjoyable about these sleepy little animals, and I guess I took it a step further. Kind of contemplating even making a mini series of little resting animals.

Some more of my work: 

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Wow! 😍🥰

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I love this so much oh my goooodnessss
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Very lovely ♥
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It's a lovely piece, I don't think you should feel any trepidation about posting at all! I love that the little doe seems so safe and protected, peaceful.
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So sweet~ It feels so peaceful
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I like how the spots and patterns of the deerling float around the subject.
Its very cute and contemporary. 
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Awwwwww, that looks lovely!
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So lovely *w*
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How cute it is *-*
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Nice little artwork!
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Whether you post on dA or not, I'm still supporting you on Instagram :) Just know that all of us love your works, and it's okay to feel insecure (though... it does make me a little scared that someone as talented as you do feel such a way D:) but anyway, welcome back! :)
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Chitanda Smile Icon Very beautiful and cute! Deer Terrific Job! And it's okay, I get nervous when I post thing too. Grant it, I'm no where near as talented as you, but still, the feeling is natural. Just know though, you'll at least find a more positive and supportive following hereAdorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Wink) [V6] .
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This is gorgeous! The fox one you did is one of my all-time favourite pieces of art, and I love the new take on this idea :D (Big Grin) 
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sooo beautiful!! <3
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I've never seen a resting deer, and I doubt if one can approach one quietly enough to not jolt it awake.

I think deer are in a state of constant fear & wariness, even when asleep.
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omfg hieu the colours oML
the blue with the deep brown you used work sOOO WELL TOGETHER! omg u dont even know how much I love this colour combo I just
I really hope u get over this little fear of yours as I still love seeing your artwork appear in my dA feed <33

also a big YES to u making this a series !!! //heavy breathing
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Its great to now that you are still live!  And with such an piece that is so lovely like you always give us is a true treat.
Thank you for sharing this and taking time away from school.
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Awesome as usual~ keep it up!!
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Wew baby, this sets off all the good aesthetic feels in my brain goo
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it's so cute i love it!!!!
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this is absolutely gorgeous <3 i love the colour palette you used ^^
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